Saturday, July 28, 2012

Barbietown..a new business opens

Barbietown has a new addition- Mickey's sweet shop or bakery(haven't decided which) I originally thought of this being a diner or ice cream shop, which it may still become. I have not yet made the sign or the door and the signage and shelves inside, but lots of bread as from my previous post!
Barbietown has been spruced up a bit, as you can tell. I was thinking the only thing needed was a fountain in the middle of the street, it looks like a cul-de-sac in a way. I have a fountain, but would need a round platform to be placed on to be in scale.
I had to do a lot of tidying in thedoll room to make way as I am having some fashion doll club buddies coming on Monday for a playdate. Nothing fancy, get together, take loads of pics, and compare dolls!  Here are some further pics of the room as it is now, and the other dollhouses and shelves-

This shows the top of the One Sixth Scale dollhouse with picnic table, Agnes' bedroom (see all  the clothes and shoes strung everywhere? My poor maid Lucia cannot keep up with the Agnes' mess!) and the tiny bjd's dollhouse is a wreck as well- their Christmas tree is still up! I haven't shown the Strawberry Hill manor where the Dawn dolls have moved in- that is even more of a wreck.

I think this will be tidy enough for three of my buds to come over and play, and I can always move my dolls around. Now all of them are excited about the shop, even though it is still under construction. I need to put Bob and Buck out there with their ladders and tools and paint buckets.

On another note- I have fallen in love with another type of doll- Blythe!

I am so excited. I have recently fallen in love with her and been envious of other people's Blythe dolls,especially the customs which I have found on Flicker. So today, I won my first 'factory' Blythe on Ebay. There are no US dealers, so Blythe even nude is expensive. Her eyes are especially haunting and it looks at times like this doll is in a dreamy faraway wonderland with those large eyes and big head. At one time I thought they were unusual dolls and a trifle ugly, but as always with dolls- other people's photos make you WANT one. lol!
I will be adding a special link fest to the side on Blythe links and tuturials that Ihave found, along with Flicker members whose pics are adorable! Since Blythe is 1:6 scale, I will be including  her here. I am looking forward to customizing mine when she gets will be loads of fun!
Enjoy the photos!

********Don't forget I have TONS of large scale Bespaq up on Ebay Auctions


Natalia's Fine Needlework said...

AAAAAAAAAA! WOOOW! WOOOW! I am soo impressed! Thank you for posting the pictures of what you have, I mean house, shops, all together. It is really looks like a Barbie town and takes a lot of space, true? Does it take all your room? I am asking because the Barbie dollhouse (actually just one shell for now) for my daughter takes a half of the room.

Lisa said...

yes, it does take alot of space in this tiny bedroom, since it is on the floor. I have managed to organize items on shelves, etc so there is a clear place (the street of Barbietown) to get to the McDonald's diner, and the barbie dollhouse,. two of the shops are faux storefronts, but the new little bakery/diner is an actual roombox diorama like McDonald's. My barbiedollhouse is quite deep and large, so that takes up a large amount of space.