Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Walking Suit has arrived!

OOh la la, she has arrived! Silkstone Walking Suit Barbie arrived yesterday and she caused a stir in Barbietown...I purchased her during Barbie's Birthday event at BarbieCollector.com and got her at 25% off with free shipping. Though I hated having to part with some of my  Silkstones earlier in the year, this little lady makes a difference, I believe she will be one of my favorites, besides In the Pink.
Of course, Mad Men Silkstone Pete Draper couldn't keep his eyes off of her...and immediately wanted to help her with that heavy hat box she is carrying. LOL...
I did receive the controversial hat- but to me it is sexy with the veil pulled over her face...I have never found in high fashion the habit of over- exposing of the body that enticing or sexy...There is something in my opinion, of an impeccably fashionably dressed woman that is more 'sexy' or alluring, than the trash conception of Jennifer Lopez, Lindsy Lohan, and the other so-called divas of this day. (OK, off my soap box, LOL...)
As to new doll arrivals, while Walking Suit was making her debut on the town, my Mini-Me (a doll I have purchased that will be my 1:6 scale version of ME...or Mini-Lisa, as I call her, lol) also arrived a few days ago. She was invited to tea by Agnes and Regal Solstice Anja, I will probably have to do something for the Baroness, which means feeding her clothing and shoe habit...I hope she didn't notice that Mini Lisa & Anja were both wearing new sheath dresses.......

Above are the pics of Mini-Lisa having tea with Agnes & Anja. I have only recently redressed Anja and taken off of the packaging material off of her knees! Previously she had just sat around in that lovely evening dress with those incredible shoes on. She is a striking doll with that incredible chignon and red hair. I got Mini-Lisa & Anja's little sheath dresses off of Ebay on a fluke search and they were very well made. They fit Fashion Royalty better, a little loose on Mini Lisa- she has been body swapped with a Fashionista body of Racquelle. I need to do a hairstyle on her and get the goo out and maybe repaint her eyes to look like mine. Then she will be ready for our travels. Stay tuned on the blog for Mini-Lisa and her travels.
Enjoy the pics!~Lisa

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