Thursday, March 22, 2012

IT Direct Exclusive Seasonal Dressed Doll Spring has arrived!

I won the W club's lottery for this doll- she was limited to 250 in the edition. Their new line is a seasonal line, and this one is Spring. She's adorable- and the price was right. I was really pleased to win her.

The only disappointing feature is no purse- but she does come with earrings which match the dress & shoes. Her hair has the goo in it to keep it in place, I will probably wash it out because her hair is a lovely color.
It has been a busy few dolly days as all the dolls I had pre ordered are arriving at once- Will & Kate wedding set, Walking Suit Silkstone- and now Spring! I will have to find a name for her, and character as to her placement in the One Sixth Scale dollhouse- one of the staff that works there for the Baroness such as her administrative department? Maybe an executive Lady Agatha, standing nearby. She looks great with the scenery behind in Barbietown...speaking of which- more new pics of some more progress!

My progress so far or work done is replacing the black foamcore with black posterboard- cheaper and a more smoother look, as it covers more pavement area. I also made this cute little topiary for outside the cafe with items I had on hand, a dowel, styrofoam balls, glue and alittle terra cotta pot I spray painted bronze, and sprinkled the little balls with green turf from a railroad/landscaping supplies and voila- topiary. Might make more of these for the boutique when I can ever get the doors in.

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