Friday, March 2, 2012

Building Barbietown- part ll progress

A few progress photos of the detailing on the cafe exterior. The detailing and exteriors take a while to dry. I have used paperclay to create the exposed brick- joint compound is sculpted into the foundation stonework(shown above) and will also be used as the stucco. My intention is for it to look like an elite, historic little shopping distric, much like the Grove Avenue or Carytown areas herein Richmond Virginia or in Williamsburg or Fredericksburg. I think when I 'm done it will most resemble downtown historic Fredericksburg. 
This project has really come together so quickly--- I honestly think of nothing else when I have alot of major things going on right now- especially with the charitable organizations I work with. I think it is my creative release so to speak. While sculpting I am already planning the next shop front, which will be an actual shop window display with a faux door that I can change out the displays with the seasons...My dolls love to shop!LOL....I haven't really focused too much on the interior of this but will after the exterior work is done. Due to the placement on the town street, it will be difficult unless this shop front is turned around for interior shot photos..
I will post more as I progress, hopefully will get more sculpting done this evening after the stonework sets up!
~Enjoy the progress of Barbietown!

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