Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Part lV: Building Barbietown: The boutique window storefront

Here's my progress thus far on building this faux storefront:

As you can see, the faux storefront/boutique window is a sheet of foamcore, with foamcore 'window' frame, and a faux door at the moment, recessed a bit from the cafe. My brick wall is used to hide my bookshelf with rement stored on it and create the illusion of a small street front. I used a tutorial by Audrey of Diva Details on Doll Divas Message Board . Click HERE
for the Tutorial on How To Create  A Boutique Window by Audrey. I customized the window tutorial to suit my needs, using foamcore scraps.
The Mannequin is one of those design mannequin sets that I got at Toys R Us on sale, I have another one and this window was customized to fit both if I wished to have window overload. It is a pitiful display right now, but I wished mainly to see how it looks with placement, and dolls looking in the window. My intention on the door was to use a french door from Houseworks, but I am stumped there as funds are low, creativity high. lol...Enjoy the pics!~Lisa

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