Saturday, March 10, 2012

Building Barbietown: Part Vl Faux front placement

I figured I would overwhelm you with pictures on the progress. Since I stopped by Home Depot early this morning, I not only got my much coveted tiles for the sidewalks, I also got my battery powered LED lights by Sylvania that are so talked about on Doll Divas message board! They are touch lights and add the perfect soft light in hard to light places, like the dollhouse with its funky ceilings. I always end up with pictures that are yellow tinged in color, it drives me crazy especially with the bedroom.
But back to the town...I shortened the pavement (black foamcore) and added a white piece of foamcore with that lovely Houseworks Jamestown door, just for placement sake with the two lion statues and Agnes, of course. Looks really impressive. The open space is teh garage, which I will have to paint to accomadate the faux front. My intention in making this faux front is for scenery placement with the town- it looks weird having open rooms on a town, too much like a dollhouse. To see what I needed in the town, best way to is to 'play' with it- I'm having so much fun with this- and added people and small props, such as Buck the customized tattoo guy I did, with his Craftsman apron and tool box and paint buckets(paint buckets are actually lip balms from Big Lots- they actually come with tiny paintbrushes!) as well as Poppy and Daria shopping. I am thinking I will need to add some sort of backdrop near the garage, to make it look like a private drive and yard area, and the side of the dollhouse will have green felt for the yard and another 'wall' maybe add a tree? I have so many ideas and I'm having loads of fun.
I can't think of a better way to celebrate Barbie's birthday this weekend. Yesterday was the big 5-3 for the ultimate fashionista. It was also special for I & my hubby, Chris, as we have been married 11 years.

Yep, that is me in my wedding dress & Swarvorski tiara and my Peter Fox shoes. I designed my bouquet which reached to the floor with pink roses, blue ribbons, and baby's breath and greenery, here you can see me changing my shoes into my Tommy Hilfiger gingham sneaker mules...yeah, I may be a country girl, but I love my shoes! The brooch on my shoulder is of Dorothy's ruby red slippers. Like Barbie, I love shoes...
Hubby & I had a wonderful date night going out to dinner, and reminiscing.
On another note- yesterday I bought Walking Suit Silkstone! AND the Will & Kate Royal Giftset is shipping and should be here soon!

It is simply AMAZING how much the set looks like them! Even though critiques have said the Kate doll looks too'Barbie' I think they captured her as well as possible. I wish I could get another set to debox, re-body and use for dioramas, and have one in the box to gaze at. I'm glad they are doing this set too, I wish they were doing a replica of Queen Elizabeth ll for her Diamond Jubilee this year, which would really add to the diorama prospects.
All for now- Enjoy the pics of Barbietown!

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