Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The Maid....

Sorry for the grainy photos, these above were taken yesterday. One night I was trolling on Ebay and found this cute little 'maid' uniform. I had been looking for a maid uniform because Agnes needs a full staff for the dollhouse. It is labeled for the Cy girls but fits the FR ladies quite great. Lucia became the maid, and she looks quite good. The shoes were from Cruise Control Vanessa's outfit, I needed a pair of black pumps but the shoes this outfit came with are from those styling mannequins and didn't fit. As you can see, Lucia has already caught the wandering eye of Pierre de Vries.....

Though I dislike using the flash, these pics turned out really well compared to the yellow tinge without it. It shows the vivid colors of the dress Agnes is holding as well as Lucia's uniform. Here they are going thru Agnes' new arrivals from the shop she just visited because she has 'nothing to wear.'' lol....Hopefully I can play with the camera more and get better photos, I think it is the white andd the pink that throw that yellow tinge on the pictures.
The progress on the town has stopped temporarily until I get more supplies, I am at something of a standstill. I have figured out the dimensions for the boutique shop window, but really need to order more playscale doors as well as cobblestone tile for the street. The storyline of the dollhouse is also developing very quickly--I am now looking for uniforms for a butler, and a chef. Since Agnes is supposed to be a Baroness, I was even thinking of those 18th century uniforms worn by the Queen's staff you see in photos of Windsor and Buckingham palace, with the bewigged footmen about- that would be extremely neat in the dining room. I'll probably look at action figures if I go that far-lol.
Enjoy- more to come soon!

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