Saturday, March 17, 2012

Royal Wedding Gift Set has arrived!

Well, the Royal Wedding gift set arrived sooner than expected- it came on the 15th. It has been a hectic couple of days so I only had time to post these quick pics of them in the dining room of the dollhouse with the wedding cake, champagne bucket, glasses on silver tray, etc. As soon as I saw they were shipped I began getting the items ready for this picture. The Baroness is hosting an impromptu reception for the couple who she jet sets about with, at her Mansion, Maison de la Royale, and are her special guests.
The set is gorgeous...Will's arms are articulated and this uniform has me bowled over with its detail, just as Kate's gown and the tiara- but the Ring! as well! I am planning a little dinner scene in the dining room with the dolls dressed in cocktail /evening attire and the table set up, etc. Wish I had some footman and a butler, all I have right now is Lucia in her maid uniform.
More work in progress on the Barbietown! Hoping to do some more work on the boutique window, and alley as well as start adding some greenery too.

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