Saturday, December 27, 2008

Dollies' favorite store: The DollsFashionShop

Never, never let your dolls around the computer, especially on Ebay....subject today is a featured store- The DollsFashionShop on Ebay! (user id: delightful79) My two outfits I purchased a couple of days ago- and WOWZA! the outfits were outstanding! Shipping was fast, and the clothes were great quality and a BANANAS price!! I bought two outfits that would coordinate with shoes and accessories I already had- one for my Going Public Eugenia in red, that would look perfect from the pics with High Tide's red platforms. Another outfit that was black would go great with the coat fashion on Blonde Ambition Vero. Ta da! They came today- and here are the pics! I loved how the purse of Eugenia went with her outfit. I meant to put her gold belt on, and maybe some gold hoops and gold jewelry, so she would look a la Boca Raton. Blonde Ambition Vero's outfit that was solid black doesn't show the snakeskin faux print on her pants, which are really cool. The strapless tops are little ribbed jersey, that are quite soft and durable and slip on the doll, and can be interchanged with other skirts, pants and outfits, which I really like. Vero's black jewelry went with her outfit perfectly, my hubby has said she needs a Harley now! lol. Her Randall Craig poodle Blondie Boy is by her side, I simply love this poodle.
No work accomplished on the dollhouse today, I've been distracted with some other things and family during the holidays, so hopefully will get focused back on the house later. I will be featuring another artist here later who creates awesome playscale handmade shoes, named Sylvia Rountree. The shoes you see on the bed behind Eugenia and on the floor to the left of her near the vanity chair are shoes that fit Barbie and Fashion Royalty dolls. I found that the strappy slippers will not fit the FR girls as well, at least this pair didn't, so they will fit my silkstones. I will feature her and the shoes here in another post when I have time for some silkies and the new girls to try her shoes on. Her shoes run reasonable, and some like the white pair on the bed have ribbon rosettes and tiny buckles! Enjoy the pics and The DollsFashionShop!

To show how pleased I was with the outfits, as soon as I had them on my girls I went back and purchased three more! Plus, shipping was FREE! It couldn't get better than this. Check this seller's store frequently, and look for newly listed, the newly listed items are snapped up quick.

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