Friday, December 26, 2008

A New Silkstone Beauty IN the House!

"Santa baby, put a Silkstone under the tree...for me...been an awful good girl........."

LOL. Couldn't resist. Blue Soiree was under the tree, for me, courtesy of my sweet hubby. What a beauty. With the delay on the Moods dolls I counted them a very early Christmas present- they arrived this Tuesday right before Christmas! perfect timing! so I had a very wonderful Christmas. Hubby is no good at buying presents so told me to buy what I wanted from him....this way no exchanges as I hate to stand in long lines exchanging gifts that do not fit, etc. I think Blue Soiree is just of the members of my Barbie club has this doll in pink I think she was available in both pink and blue, the pink gowned silky has blonde hair. These dolls certainly know how to dress! She will be a very elevated guest for Agnes, who simply adores tiaras. I'm hoping Her Highness the Baroness will not attempt to steal the aigrette in Miss Silky's updo, but we all know Agnes!

Daughter received one of the birthstone beauties, wasn't her month, but this birthstone beauty was lovely. (Agnes loves this dress and dog with the crown, I think she wants the crowned pug and lace dress more!lol.) All in all, not much to open, but a wonderful dolly Christmas!


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