Tuesday, December 23, 2008

My Moods arrived! And more progress made...

My Moods collection finally arrived from Integrity yesterday! What a relief...I thought I may have had to wait until AFTER Christmas to open these lovely dolls and their fashions. I bought both Blonde Ambition and Body Double, plus two silver brillant gowns and one coat. I had also won a Randall Craig lemon yellow poodle from Doll Divas discussion board, and he arrived today! I have some wonderful pics of Blondie Boy who Blonde Ambition has claimed for her own. Vanessa's yorkie Smooches and her beagle dressed up for Christmas (Billy Boy) seem to be accepting him ok. lol. I have only had time since receiving in the dolls to put my tan Vero in the silver brillant fashion, she looks beautiful. That hat may have to go, I did not put her gloves on, but did place her bracelet which is lovely on her hand with that stole. Don't you wish you could dress like these dolls? I would love to own a mink or fox stole like this!

I have made ALOT of progress as far as the dais and steps for the bath- they are done, just some sanding and tweaking. I will also have to cut some more tiles more than likely, but not yet ready to apply them until I am sure about the wall placement. Today I worked on the prototype for the steps out of foamcore, though I do not know if this will be the exact measurements. My intention is to make the steps come down to a small landing, with three to four steps from the landing.......but will have to see. Sometimes what is drawn on paper will not always work when fabricating the item! lol.

This season has come so suddenly upon us...it has left me little time to really enjoy all the new dolls that have arrived here at the house! My dolls have been working on me for new clothes, and jewels...and luggage. So this has set my mind to work to create some small luggage, which I am also still playing with. It is easy to think of, but harder to create!

I have taken some pics of the new Moods...somehow calling them both Vero or Veronique just doesn't work for me. So.......I will probably be thinking of new names for both of these ladies. My blonde Ambition Vero is more of a biker looking chic, or a flapper type. Tan Vero or body double as she is called, looks like someone from the Cotton Club back in the 20's, very exotic. So am trying to come up with some suitable names for them both. I am thinking of calling Tan Vero India and Blonde Ambition Vero --well, I'm still undecided onher name. She has alot of edginess, and Veronique doesn't seem to fit her.

Though I seem to be posting about alot of different projects, this dollhouse has really inspired me. I have two 1/12 scale houses that still need to be finished, but this large dollhouse just inspires me to make it as perfect as my other standard scale dollhouses...or rather, the dolls are impatient. lol.

Enjoy the pictures, and from our small family of Eugenia, Her Highness Agnes, Vanessa, and both Veroniques, Merry Christmas!

Have a Happy NEW YEAR!


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