Friday, December 12, 2008

Beginning dressing the Bespaq French bed....

I admit it..I love, love, Louis XV French that is probably the inspiring theme for my sojourn to Joann's fabrics, along with a 50% off coupon...where I bought several fabrics that go perfectly with my Bespaq Louis XV bed. This bed also has an armoire, vanity with mirror, caned vanity chair, personal chest, commode, that matches it. This suite will reside in the dolls' bedroom in the dollhouse.

I have long wanted to alter and add some bedding and linens to this bed. Today I picked out some beautiful sari fabrics and satins to compliment the taupe silk upholstered headboard & footboard. This was difficult, but I eventually hit on a sari fabric with a gorgeous gold border that was pale pink with gold embroidery on one side, and a perfectly toned taupe on the other side. I also found a sheer pink sari chiffon with gold border too. When this fabric is flipped, it looks perfect as a comforter, sheets, etc. I got it home quickly and set to work. My first job was to cover the linen mattress, and also the rolled dowel that serves as a bolster pillow.

Eventually I finished one pillow, and the mattress. I covered the mattress with the fabric flipped, so the taupe silk shows. The pillow was covered with the fabric flipped the other way, pink showing. When I get the comforter finished, this will look stunning. I thought it would be fun to show you how Vanessa 'posed' on the bed, without her jammies on underneath the sheer cover!

I couldn't resist snapping these photos of Vanessa in the bed, who could believe a doll could look
so beautiful? Not yet finished by a long way, hope to make some tassels and cording, and some of that sheer sari fabric may be turned into a draped canopy with crown above the bed.

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