Saturday, January 3, 2009

Sideshow figure Giles is coming soon....

Ever had that favorite character from a movie, tv show, or a book that you love? So do I. One of my favorite all time programs was Buffy the Vampire Slayer, then the sequel series, Angel, which wasn't as good as Buffy. All die-hard Buffy fans say that, I know. The show was a fantasy based tv show that came on and was based on the famous movie from the early 80's. Besides Buffy, one of my favorite characters was Rupert Giles, her watcher.
Well, the toy actionfigure company Sideshow ( ) has done many replicas of Buffy and all of the characters, including Giles. I just ordered Giles the other day and received notification today that he is on his way! Don't have any pictures yet, but soon hope to. My next character up for purchase will be Buffy Prophecy girl, (this one is based upon the first season when the 'Master' vampire supposedly does away with Buffy and she drowns, but Zander saves her by mouth to mouth. Steamy! This particular figure wears her white gown and heels that she was wearing on her way to the dance/prom.
I have an awesome slant Bespaq desk that will make for a great desk for Giles. I have always wanted to replicate the school library on my own loose interpretation, and have begun to figure out what I want in the way of a library for the slayer and her watcher and the Scoobies. My library won't be exactly like Sunnydale high's library, but based upon the Watcher's council library in London, England and the Sunnydale high school library- I liked the fact that you went up the stairs for books. I have already begun a host of items for Giles and Buffy- thick old books and papers, stakes, wooden crosses, etc. I will probably create the first scene with foamcore when I get time...this is one of those ideas in the making, and I just couldn't resist buying the Giles figure. I haven't had time to work on the dollhouse, but know that I definitely will have Giles and Buffy residing there- or visiting, probably Giles will be Agnes' younger uncle Giles, the one who carried on the secret watcher family tradition of the Von Weiss Barons. It will make for interesting story lines, that is for sure!
No pictures of the house for now, have been so busy, but hopefully will have some soon when the Giles figure arrives, and hopefully some pics of the dollhouse!


D7ana said...

How cool that you are getting Giles! He and Spike were my favorite guys on BtVS. I, too, followed the Buffy and the Angel series when they were on. (Then Firefly and the Serenity movie but that's OT.)

There is a smaller Sunnydale Library available for smaller figures - link here for a photo - . I saved the online photo for that playset in case I ever get around to recreating that setting. It's great news to me that you will be doing a 1:6 scale library based on the original.

Thanks for sharing this news. I look forward to seeing your Giles photos and any project photos you do for your library.

D7ana aka Dana

Lisa said...

Hi Dana! Yes, I would love to get a Spike, human spike. I've seen the smaller scale library, which is 1:12 scale and great, just have never bid on one before. It may be a while before I get to complete the Buffy/giles library, but here's hoping! Will definitely try to do some scenes with them though.