Saturday, December 13, 2008

Beginning the priming & painting..

Just a quicl post on the beginning stages of priming the rooms interior on the dollhouse. Today the weather though a little chilly, was great for beginning the painting. The third floor room was the one I primed today- believe it or not working on this dollhouse is similar to working on a large 'real' sized house- only normally I don't bend and twist myself into a pretzel while painting my 'real' house. lol.
I bought a zinnser primer, that is really great. I liked how it went on, and may leave the walls of the bath this color since it goes on smoothly, if your brush strokes go with the grain of the wood. I was going to be quite ambitious today and also paint the 2nd floor, but decided against it until it gets a little warmer, plus I have some glue trails on the wall where I removed the tile medallion that needs to be chipped off.

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