Thursday, December 11, 2008

Part ll: Creating Ornaments for the Garland 1:6 scale

As promised, here is Part ll of the Garland tutorial, that is, creating the ornaments. I am going to do my formatting on this tutorial more better, I couldn't correct the inevitable scrolling down, which probably makes the previous Part l difficult to view, in getting an idea on the assembly of the frame and the limbs for the garland.

For those of you who have had previous trouble looking at the post, Part l can be found in my private webshots album :

Let's get started!

Tools & Supplies:

Wire for the 'loops' on the ornaments

Pretty beads for the main ornament. I recommend testing the ornament beads against your doll's hand, to see if looks size comparable. Mine were from Michael's on a string of 20, Bead Gallery, and were silver with gold netting

Finishing beads, or crimp beads, for the top of the ornament.

Scissors, or wire cutters. I have those little condiment cups to hold the beads. Tweezers are also helpful too.

Glue- jewelry glue, or Duco cement- available at the dollar store.

Cut small pieces of wire, I recommend about 1-2 inches long. You will cut the excess off after the beads are strung.

Prepare your wire length- twist the wire midway into a small loop, then twist until you have a straight piece, with loop at the end.

As in the picture, take your toothpick and spread some Duco on the wire, then slide the gold final bead first. Add another drop underneath as shown in the

picture. After this, add your ornament bead.

Add your ornament bead, and again, add glue underneath.

After placement, your bead should look like this.

Cut off the excess wire, and add more glue on the end to

hold the beads in place.

Your Finished ornament

should resemble this picture to the left.

You should now have depending on how many ornaments you have made, enough to accent the branches of your garland. Pretty, aren't they?

When decorating the swag, I first strung some burgundy ribbon amongst the branches, sort of weaving it. This ribbon I bought long ago at Michael's it has thin wire in it and so it stays in place easily without glue. I strung the ornaments onto the greenery branches, then put a dab of glue on the branch to hold the ornament, again, using Duco cement. I did not take pics of this process, but figure you can probably figure out what I did. I do however, have plenty of pics of the finished garland decorated on the mantel!

I plan to add some more items to this garland, I chose gold, silver and burgundy accents to match my own Christmas tree, as you can see it is a small tabletop tree on a table in front of our dining room window. Agnes loves the garland and is insisting the house be finished NOW! so her friends the Moods girls can come for a nice holiday Christmas houseparty. DOLLS! LOL.

I chose a traditional elegant way to decorate the garland, but this greenery can be kept for a long period of time, simply wrap and store in a plastic container with your other dolly decorations, lycapodium (princess pine) lasts for a long time.

Merry Christmas!


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