Friday, December 26, 2008

Yes, Lisa, Chandeliers DO exist in 1:6 scale....

I thought that quote from the famous Christmas letter was appropriate.....for everyone knows how hard it is to find those items that are a given in 1:12 scale... but I stumbled across this novelty item that is a lit chandelier by LED lights on a battery pack. During the Christmas swaps on Doll Divas message board this year, one of the ladies received one. When I saw the picture I knew I had to have one for the dollhouse. Figuring out how I was going to hide the unsightly battery pack was something I would think of later. For a link to the Doll Divas board , see my new links section to the left- I have loads of links that are simply cool for 1/6 scale, and will be adding some more later.

Back to the chandelier. This is a pricey little number, and was designed by a designer for the website where they are available, just not in the clear color that I wanted. The style that I ordered was available in clear, which resembles crystal like a real chandelier, pink, and black, the last two are much, much cheaper. This particular styles is about 4 1/2 inches or 5 x 3 x 5. Sounds a little large, but it is perfect for the bedroom. I am thinking of getting the black one for the kitchen, but may wait and see, or another one after I receive this one. I ordered my chandelier at type in mini chandelier by Chris Collicott, in a google search or the search engine of Unica Home. Adaptors are also available for these. Even if you don't have a monster dollhouse, these are great for dioramas for the girls.

I have added pics I saved here from Unica Home, which have the catalog numbers of the lights.
These are also available from my google search at a shop called that is a
little cheaper on shipping, but not much.

I paid for mine today- so will hopefully receive by next week! Enjoy the pictures!


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