Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Tile finished on bath tub dais...

I had meant to post this, but have been so busy! This is the tiling of the dais that the Bratz bathtub will sit on, along with the step. Remember the marble tile how to I posted a few posts back? Well I used those with caulk and my mdf pieces to create this. First, I primed the step and dais with two coats of primer. The primer will be the color of my grout. The bath will have a very regal French majestic look, and the color white goes a long way to making the room look larger than it really is, and offsets the golden faucet and fixtures that will be in the bath. Next, I took the tile pieces and laid them one by one with a drop of tacky glue on each for extra hold. Don'tuse superglue on the backs of these tiles pieces, it will eat into the material the tile is made of. After all the tiles were laid- I had to cut and alter a few because of the space and and the step, I began to grout. I used a cheapie tub and tile grout I bought at the dollar store, but you can also use Quik Seal or joint compound. I simply squeezed it out and spread it with a flat tool or popsicle sticks, which can be thrown away. It is good to have a damp cloth nearby to wipe off the excess off of the tiles when you have filled the grout into the spaces between the tiles. You may have to add two coats of the grout to completely fill the spaces, I used my fingers to smooth grout into the cracks, and washed my hands frequently. The loctite in the picture I use instead of glue sometimes, it really holds and dries quickly. After you have finished grouting your tile, let it dry overnight, then go over it with your hands or fingers to determine if you need to sand any rough edges, or add more grout. I have since taken venetian gold metallic paint and inca gold metallic paint (both Folk Art brands) and painted the legs, feet, and faucet and drain of the tub so it will look gilded and luxurious, and fit in with the 'marble' floors. I will post pictures of the finished tub, just have not yet taken them.

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