Sunday, July 31, 2016

Celebrating Beatrix Potter's 150th Birthday.....

I am a few days late in getting this post up, as I could not get the pictures together in time due to the extreme heat, and rains that came as well in conjunction with Ms. Potter's birthday on July 28th a few days ago. 

Beatrix Potter, born on July 28, 1866,  a very well known children's illustrator, best known for her story of The tales of Peter Rabbit published in 1902,and my favorite, the Tale of Two Bad Mice, did enchanting watercolors of mice, bunnies,cats, ducks & frogs, and a variety of other animals living fairy tale lives in her stories she sometimes wrote and illustrated. What is not so well known about her is that she was also into forest and farm/land conservation, before the concept was even heard of in the sense we know of it today. With the profits from her books, and a legacy from her aunt, she purchased Hilltop farm and enlarged her land holdings little by little, getting into prize winning sheep & breeding. Beatrix Potter died on December 22, 1943 in Sawrey, England. She left behind much of her land holdings to the National Trust to protect it from development and to be preserved for future generations. She also left behind a journal written in code. The code was cracked in 1966 and published as The Journal of Beatrix Potter.

Today my photo shoot is of Annabelle with Mops and Peter Rabbit,  outside having a quiet tea. I got the vintage wicker set off ebay for a great price. The tea set is a Ruetters porcelain set I purchased at Tuesday morning, it is done in Peter Rabbit.  Annabelle has just finished a round of croquet and is having a spot of tea with Peter. 

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Sam said...

Gorgeous photos! I love Beatrix Potter too. I also LOVED the movie and not just because Ewan McGregor was in it! (even though he added a little eye candy!)

Lisa Neault said...

I never got to see the movie, except clips on Youtube. I have been meaning to order it off ebay or amazon and watch it, since it is so inexpensive. I just recently have been reading up on Miss Potter and she was an amazing and interesting woman. So very thorough and detailed with her artwork.

Sam said...

Oh no! You must get this DVD! I think it has to be one of my absolute favorite movies. It is beautifully filmed and very well done. I really think you will enjoy it too.