Monday, July 18, 2016

Poppy Parker goes to Paris...

Yes, she is deboxed!  And sitting in the shade...

I did alot of work on that hair after it came out of the netting bag as it was a hot mess. Many people on the W CLub forum also had this problem and were going to contact customer care.  I couldn't see going to that extreme when probably a little water would relax the gunk they had put into her hair and it had after all been made to look like Brigette Bardot's big hair which had literally cans full of hair spray in it. She has 2 pins in it to hold it up that high. My doll did not have as high a do as some people's did. 

These are quick photos on the deck stoop out front of the house with a little japanese paper sun shade. It was really hot so I didn't go out into the yard like I wanted to with this new wicker set I had just purchased on ebay, it has two chairs. I will try for better pics of her. Lately my dolls don't get much photo time! 

She is so pretty. Makes me think of Petticoat Junction when I look at her. I haven't deboxed Vanessa or Imogene yet. I have been too entranced with Poppy and figuring out better photo scenes for her. These were taken with my phone and were better than the ones on my camera, but I haven't processed the camera pics yet. I will try tomorrow. 
Out till then-

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