Thursday, July 28, 2016

Be Daring Imogene....

Be Daring Imogene has had some camera time. Her jewelry, fashion, shoes and accessories are stunning. 

I did an outdoor shoot for her since she has that look to her. Very edgy. This doll will be a keeper. 

She has amazing skull  shaped jewelry, sunglasses, stiletto ankle boots, and a belt with skull detail as well. There is even a skull ring , a cuff bracelett with skulls on it and skull earrings. Amazing chrome like detail. 

I adore the suit. It is hard to give this kind of jewelry to a suit and not have it look kind of trashy but it gives it a polished business like flair which I love. She is sexy at the same time professional, kind of hard to pull off. 

Here were the photos two of them from the promo pics at registration-

She is supposed to be a fashion model and comes with a portfolio but I think she would make a fantastic motorcycle bike designer/ showroom salesman. So now I'm going to look for 1:6 bikes. My husband loved to watch Boyd Coddington when he had his reality TV show (when we had Direct Tv) but I understand now he has passed away and his son has taken it over. My husband loves hot rods and custom antique cars and I think this doll looks like the hot rod/ custom bike kind of doll.  So it would be neat to do a diorama with her at a gas station, or a bike showroom, or an office with sketches of bikes on the walls, and so on. 

This year, like last year, I purchased all three registration dolls and don't regret it. Last year the dolls were ok, but not as stunning as this year. I think the W Club is picking up on their game. 

I am going to try and de box Vanessa soon as I figure out what kind of backdrop I want to photograph her in.