Thursday, July 21, 2016

Ellie Mae Poppy.....

I finally got my photos done of Poppy Parker goes to Paris. I admit the W club has elegant visions on their dolls. Poppy Parker Bon-Bon is one of them , oh so elegant, inspired by Bridgette Bardot. 

And who do I envision when I get this doll? LOL...

Ellie Mae Clampette....

I loved Beverly Hillbillies as a kid and thought the show was hilarious. Ellie Mae was one of the funniest characters as she was beautiful but eschewed all feminine ideals back then though no one ever focuses on that.  She carried around 'critters' in an elegant house and mostly did what she wanted to do, which in the 60's was difficult for women at the time.  

Though Ellie Mae Poppy's hair is not divided into two pigtails, I thought the photos went pretty well. I could not find my bunny to put into the picture but was successful in finding the monkey my mom gave me several years back. Ellie Mae did have a chimp and that was going to be key for this photo to work. 

I wanted a bear but knew I didn't have one. A pig or a possum would have been nice too. Would have added that outlandish touch with the elegant furniture. Now I need a Jethro or an Ed from Green Acres as he was her beau. 


Fireplace, Firescreen, fireplace base, fireplace surround- Jim Coates miniatures on ebay
Bespaq chair- Jim Coates Miniatures on Ebay
Cats & chimp- Schleick miniatures from Walmart or Target 
 Toto- from 2002 Dorothy Barbie
German shephard- From Dollar tree
poodles& greyhound- miniatures from dollhouse store

Rug- dollhouse miniature carpet 

picture- frame from Michael's, photo saved from Pinterest and printed off computer
Plants- Topiary from dollhouse store, large plant from Michael's, floral arrangement from dollhouse show


The grandmommy said...

Ellie Mae oh how funny! Maybe you can put her sitting next to the "cement pond" ( or swimming pool for people who did not watch the show)LOL

Lisa Neault said...

LOL...I had thought of that! This was easier since I had props resembling the parlor.

Farrah Lily said...

Yes, she makes the perfect Ellie Mae! I still love that show, lol. :)