Saturday, July 23, 2016

Mad Tea Party 2016.....Welcome!

Welcome to the One Sixth scale Dollhouse's  9th Annual Mad Tea Party of 2016! So glad you could attend!

The usual 'mad' miniature crew has attended....

They moved their tea into the parlor of the White Queen this year because of the heat.....of course, the Hatter was a little upset, he had a lovely tea planned in the garden, with lots of 'mad' party favors, piggies to keep the feet warm, and tadpole caviar, the Red Queen's favorite, so I heard....but since the heat is simply GHASTLY we all convened to the White Queen's parlor....

Alice has visited and been invited in to have tea, but the tea things have as usual been scattered all over the the guests have not always been the most well behaved....Doormouse, as usual is not sure Alice is the 'right' Alice....

The White Queen, as always has exquisite manners. 'Alice dear, won't you join us for tea?" ' Oh Dear, we do not have an extra chair, do make yourself at home on the floor, Doormouse, do move over...'

The Red Queen, purrs from her pink throne, 'Yes Alice, do join us my dear. But you are again, LATE for tea..."

"Now now, none of that , sister, Alice is here ....after all the March Hare is ALWAYS late himself! Do join us for tea!"
Hatter joins in..."yES Alice, do!"

A few details of the White Queen's parlor...the handsome gentleman above the parlor mantle in the portrait is an admirer, we don't know his name, perhaps a suitor ? And of course her pet cats who have full run of the parlor and castle...

Alice thanks the White Queen and the Hatter for inviting her to tea again this year..."I have so missed you each year. Coming to tea is the most wonderful thing, but here at the White Parlor is the most extrodinary event ever!"

The Red Queen sniffed. 'Hmph! Sister Dear has overwhelmed you...well. We'll just see about that! Next year you will come to MY castle and have tea there. I'll have a tea you won't forget...we'll have entertainments- croquet , and there will certainly be warm piggies for my feet, tadtole toast, and my tarts!"

"Sister, Alice is a guest, this isn't a competition, it is tea!"

"But is it a raven or a writing desk? a writing desk or a raven...."

"Hatter! Stop, it is time for tea! Your tea is getting cold!"

And so, we leave them, having tea happily in the regions of Wonderland, on this, our 9th Annual Mad Tea Party. Please be sure to visit Vanessa's link to her blog  at Fanciful Twist : Mad Tea Party  to HER tea party.  On the left of the sidebar of her blog are all the participating blogs. 

Credits for the props-
Fireplace, fireplace surround, and pink chair the red queen is sitting in:
Jim Coates Miniatures on Ebay.
tea tables, and chair the Mad Hatter is sitting in- Bespaq 
carpet, floral arrangement, topiary, Dollhouse miniature shop- Belle's Exclusives
pink teaset- Springtime Barbie
cake, pastries, made by me
china teaset- unknown
teacup and saucer held by hatter, cake platter Rement
China vase on mantle- Ruetter porcelain
plants- Michael's 
Crowns- charms from Michael's
Alice- Mini Nellie by American Girl
Doormouse- Dollfactory mouse ball jointed doll from Denver doll emporium
Mad Hatter- Mattel Barbie Collector
White Queen- Barbie Basics 2.0 Denium Metallics Collection
Red Queen - Fashion Royalty Aerodynamic Vanessa Perrin 


Danzel @Silver Shoes and Rabbit Holes said...

Such fun! Your dolls are wonderful.

Lisa Neault said...

thank you Danzel!

Sharon Rawson said...

What great fun! The Red Queen is a sexy thing! Love the doll house!

Lisa Neault said...

Thank you Sharon!

Anne said...

How absolutely delightful! Thank you so much for your hospitality, Dear!
Happy Mad Tea-ing!

Marilyn Miller said...

Thanks for the tea. I enjoyed myself at the party.

Lisa Neault said...

thank you all for your comments and visits! I hope to visit the other teas soon!

Magaly Guerrero said...

I just knew this heat was the thing of legends! So it has spread all the way to Wonderland, huh? How clever of them to leave it outside. All those goodies might spoil under the sun's glare.

Happy Mad Tea Party! ♥

Jane K said...

So glad the white Queen kindly let us use her parlour for tea instead of out in the hot sun. I've had a most delight full time and I just bet the Red Queen will be planning all year now for her own party.

jSarie said...

Fun! I love all the details in that parlour!

Nicole said...

I always love to see your dolls. Tell the White Queen thank you for use of her parlour. It was a very nice party!

Anonymous said...

Too much fun. Also, the Red Queen is sizzling and might have a "wardrobe malfunction" at any moment. That would be a very different kind of tea party then, eh? LOL.

I'm a day-late to the fun and just now getting around to each party, but if you haven't already, do drop by and say hi. :)
~ Misha

Art @ Home said...

I'm scared of the Red Queen and even more scared of her dress!!! I enjoyed your story. Very creative!

Happy Mad Tea Party!
Ricki Jill

Lisa Neault said...

thank you all for the kind comments and visits.
Yes the red Queen has questionable risque wardrobe choices, LOL...But she always did things out of the box, didn't she? Flamingos for croquet mallots, tadpoles on toast, and we don't know exactly what was in those TARTS do we ? lol....

I am hoping next year to add a few more characters into the scene and mix it up a bit.

Kerstin Bulin said...

I love your Party...sorry i´m late....happy unbirthday to you

Calamitous Botanicus said...

It's simply amazing to me how you manage to keep the scale so consistent, everything is so perfect, right down to the smallest detail. I'd love to see the Red Queen's abode, might we be invited there next year? So sorry for being so late to the party, I had a wonderful time. Cheers, Sarah

Laura said...

I am sorry the party had to be held indoors. I would hate to be the one to clean up after this crew! What a beautiful space and lovely kitties.

Lisa Neault said...

Laura, I understand- cleaning up after this boisterious crew is quite the job!
Kat, thank you for the unhappy unbirthday greetings- lol!

Calamitous Botanicus, hopefully I will do the teaparty again next year and maybe I will be more set up and have a fantastic set for the red queen. I like doing odd things out of the box.

I originally began in 2004 with my business, King William Miniatures, doing 1:12 standard custom scale dollhouses but moved into designing 1:6 scale for the fashion dolls, and larger, for Tonner dolls, and then into 1:3 for the bigger dolls, like American Girl, bjds', and so on. So scale is my 'thing', lol but 1:6 scale or 'playscale' as 'Barbie' scale is called is my passion. There is so much more you can do with it.

Girly Pretties said...

Hello everybody! Late, but I am here. Lovely details! Happy unbirthday to you!
Inviting you to our one: