Friday, August 28, 2015

The progress on the Crate bed

The progress on the crate bed has been coming along. I glued it together today and finished the mattress and the cover for it. Finding the right fabric was hard, required two trips to Hobby Lobby!

The coffee table is coming along nicely too, I have the handles on the sides of it as well. The legs are still drying from the stain.  

The bed is unique in that it comes apart, the headboard is not glued in place. This allows for easy storage. I am going for a steampunk world traveler look.

Here are some fabrics that I picked for the linens. 

The mattress stripe and the middle one, the map, are Tim Holtz fabrics. I picked out the polka dot one to be the backing for the world map and add interest. The black calico with roses will be an accent. 

I kind of cheated on the mattress for this bed, it is not sewn, but glued and pinned, which looks much more neater than sewing it. It is two pieces of 1/2 inch insulation foam glued together with the material glued and pinned and tucked onto it neatly. This gives it a much more uniform appearance than sewing it with having to draft a pattern which would take more time than I wish to spend. I have one whole side of my back that is sore as well, so sewing wasn't going to work today and I wanted to get this part of the bed done before I begin on the linens. 

The headboard is removeable, so the bed is in two pieces for easy storage. The little scale pump thingy is a pencil sharpner and the bowl is a miniature purchased at a miniature show. I used Tim Holz scrapbook embellishment handles to glue on the ends of the crate coffee table which is still waiting for its legs to dry from staining. 

All for now, hope to have more pictures up soon! Lisa


D7ana said...

Impressed ... I am. Very sharp, stylish and ORIGINAL bed. I admire your crafting skills. I like your more realistic proportions, too. Cool contrast of fabrics.

The grandmommy said...

This furniture can go in any direction! I like the versatility!

Lisa Neault said...

Thank you! Yes, I wanted to do something different from the old world tradional elegant...I wanted to be edgey...and that dreaded word I hate..MODERN. lol.. I really hate modern to be honest. And part of me cannot resist throwing in the antique with the current just to be perverse. So it ends up being shabby chic or fleamarket style, lol. Or in this case, steampunk world traveler. I was going for a nautical meme but that didn't happen! The best thing, the linens can be changed and the bed can be made feminine or masculine or just plain.

Muff said...

This is stunning! That's some high end, high quality craftsmanship.

Vanessa said...

I can't wait to see the steampunk bedding! Your bed is lovely. Hurry up and finish the bedding. Lol.