Saturday, August 15, 2015

For the 'Haunted' Doll collector...

For the record, I spend way too much time on Pinterest. That's my story and I'm sticking to it on the topic of this post. But when I stumbled across this, I just couldn't pass up blogging about it. It will give you a chuckle. Or a Chuckie...

Everybody remembers that creepy doll movie, right?

I stumbled across this recent site called Ghosts and Ghouls from a picture on Pinterest from someone's paranormal board. And from one picture and link it came to creepy haunted dolls. 

Like this-
That pic right there is a haunted dolly 'house cam' where you can see the paranormal activity of the dollies The Haunted Doll Cam
Click Here It streams video 24/7 and gives viewers a chance to see the haunted dollies in action, though it might take some imagination to see the action. In March 2009, the cam captured what appears to be a child’s ghost lurking at the bottom of the stairs. So it could be 'real' all in the belief of 'ghosts'. 

For the devoted to Haunted dolly collector, never fear, there are dealers out there for you. The Haunted Doll Store caters to all price ranges from $20-$1000 and is run by owner AJ. This is an interesting site and as she is Native American, it is worth cruising and browsing through it. 

David's Haunted Dolls is another interesting site. He does not actually sell anything but gives alot of information if you think you have a haunted or possessed doll or other object. Site is informative as there is a difference between a 'haunted' doll and a 'host' doll. Weird, isn't it?

And here is a Direct Link to all the creepy sites and haunted doll books, places, and on the right side bar there are creepy haunted doll stories. 

I thought everyone might get a jolt out of this, I am always fascinated by the stories of the possessed Annabelle doll and haunted dollhouses. One project I've wanted to do in 1:6 scale is a haunted dollhouse but I have no room. 

And yes, I've been watching too many classic horror flicks on
Enjoy the links!~Lisa


D7ana said...

Creepy cool links, Lisa! Thanks for sharing. I'll revisit them in October for Halloween inspiration.

Chuckie movies - I've seen some. He's soo bawdy, lol.

BTW, have you seen Madeboxer's Haunted Mansion album and similar themed Flickr albums? She has many fun photos to see ;-)

Lisa Neault said...

YES! I love Madeboxer's haunted mansion. She has such a cool flicker album and all of the sideshow figures, that was kind of the meme vibe I was going for,the dungeon, the creepy library, the whole victorian gothic mansion type of Addams family deal. :) Her photos are the bomb!I only wish I could build it in actual dollhouse form!

The grandmommy said...

I went to the site nothing was happening in the house. Yet, all I can think of to say is...Mommy, I'm scared!LOL

Lisa Neault said...

LOL! It TOTALLY blew me away there were people who would watch a room full of dolls that were supposedly 'haunted'. To me, it looks like a cluttered doll collector's room who isn't too choosey about what they shop for in antique shops/flea markets or at doll shows, lol. I get the whole haunted doll collector meme theme, but who the heck would believe that or would WANT a doll that moves or makes weird noises? I don't think I would feel so warm and fuzzy towards my Poppys if they moved or made crying sounds or laughed. I think it would creep me out, to be honest. Don'tget me wrong, I have encountered the unexplained, not making fun, but this really was weird to me as I have a great respect for the paranormal and just think it is over the top to an extent and you're 'inviting' ghosties you don't want in. Just my two cents worth. I had a great grandmother who was part Indian & didn't joke about this type of stuff.

Muff said...

Nope! I've watched too many horror movies not to know that clicking any of those links will open a portal to the supernatural and then a spirit will attach itself to me. Nope. Not gonna do it.

Lisa Neault said...

Muff, don't blame you. I was so freaked when I read there are people that actually COLLECT haunted dolls. I thought what kind of water head WANTS a doll with a spirit connected to it?? Weird. just fricking weird. I live near plenty of old old farmhouses that are reputed to be haunted but I don't go and visit. shudder. Something might follow me home. Guess I have a healthy respect for it from my great grandmother.

D7ana said...

LOL @Muff's comment. Laughing, but I ain't clicking either. "I haven't got time for the pain ..." Demon dollies? Pass ... tip-toe pass ;-)