Sunday, August 2, 2015

Interesting links and video- doll and train related

I have been working on some doll hats! I will have pics of those up after today, but I wanted to share some links here for today. 

First up is an incredible video my husband ran across. He belongs to several European and American train collector boards on Google and facebook. No, he doesn't collect trains (we don't have the space) but he loves them and so do I. We have always toyed with the idea of building a garden railroad for the dolls and action figures but because of cats and others who let their dogs wander, we scrapped the idea. 

He stumbled across this incredible ridable train for sale! with the property in Oregan that was advertised on facebook and google. I can only surmise it is 1:6 judging by the size of the train- the gentleman is riding on it but that would make it sized to fit GI Joe and our ladies too. I have seen pics of one like this at shows like Joelanta.

There is music with it, that makes it better, I have watched it so many times. It is on my facebook page too. I tell you, if this was in my back yard, and I had my own mini train station, I would never leave it, much less sell it. I would have my food delivered by Amazon, lol. Especially if I could afford to have this! lol. 

The second video goes in depth with more photos explaining about the interior of the estate and who owns it and built it and why. The owner is a master builder of trains and works for the publishing company of modeling railroad magazine of what I can gather, but he has had people from all over the world visit the estate. In the above second video you can see people riding the train.  His wife created all the foliage in the indoor train set which is O scale I believe. The estate comes with a machine shop (which would make my husband salivate right now) where he builds the trains. 

Me. I would just happily commission him to make passenger cars for my Fashion Royalty dolls before buying it and become the private reclusive doll hoarder I have always wanted to be, LOL..sort of like Hugeuette Clark. Only with this estate, you would have everything you would need. Privacy, transportation for the dolls, lots of trees, your own private railroad to get you to the doll room. It is nice to dream fantastical dreams. LOL...I thought all of my doll friends would enjoy these videos and the possibilities. 

I also have some new Pinterest boards, that might interest you.

My newest one is my most interesting one, I think. Entitled

It is all about historic and modern pics of children and their dolls or toys. Woefully, I have found few, if any pics of modern children and their dolls to add to this board. I might make a seperate board of 1970 and up to see if I can find children and their toys. I know I would find kids my age and up but I have found few pics of children from now 'playing' with toys or dolls. It is a sad commentary I think of how technology has taken over and imagination has lost.

I have many other Pinterest boards relating to dolls and miniatures, dollhouses, and 1:6 dioramas, as told in another blog entry-
Who Loves Pinterest? from May 8th of this year, and that lists ALL of my 1:6 scale diorama Pinterest boards if you have not already found them by subject, living room, dining room, bathroom, bedroom & closet, garage, great outdoors, stage and theatre, boutique & shopping, etc. I constantly find great pics on the dolly boards, flicker, my own pics, etc. and do not mind if you pin from my boards, that is what Pinterest is all about- Sharing. I do not block people if they share- only if they claim my work is theirs. I've only had to block ONE person on Pinterest who persisted in doing this and that was a big name miniature company, of all things. ?? lol. 

Anyway, Happy Sunday and have a Happy idle day of Pinning. I will be taking pics of my miniature hats and getting those pictures up and and a blog post to follow!~Lisa


Smaller Places said...

LOVE the train video! There's a rideable model train out here, but it's larger than that scale -- people actually sit in it.

My dad has a G-gauge (1:24) model railroad in the back yard.

Given the plethora of fashion dolls, my theory is that if I ever want to date again, it's going to have to be a dude who collects either action figures or trains, so it's a good thing I like both but don't have any violent theories on either.

Lisa Neault said...

smaller places, me too! I am blessed in that my husband enjoys taking part in the building and creating of the dollhouses and building of the structures, he loves woodworking and modelbuilding, any scale, doesn't matter to him. He did models as a teen, and likes it just as much now. My first husband disliked my hobbies, so I think it is important to share something you enjoy with your spouse.

Farrah Lily said...

What an amazing and inspiring video!! (both of them!)
I had to share this with my step-father who also loves model trains. And yes, I love Pinterest as addicting!

Lisa Neault said...

yes Pinterest is so very addicting!

I have begun making different boards for different dolls as I so hate adding different dolls to the same boards. I have found so many people will call a Fashion Royalty, a Poppy Parker doll, or even a Tonner doll!? a 'Barbie???? which not only amazes me but peeves me to no end so Ibegan to make seperate boards for all of the different kinds of dolls. Barbie has several different eras, vintage, mod, modern, period, 80's, superstar, you name it. I have tried to break her up into catagories.

I also collect reference books on dollhouse miniatures, and dolls, doll clothing, as well as storys or novels and fiction about dollhouses or dolls so there is a board about dollhouse books that includes all of these types of books. I forgot to include that here. I am upto about 180?? boards now so can't include all of my reference boards but there are many that would be useful to you, so you can follow me and pin as much as you like.

Barb the Evil Genius said...

Pinterest drives me crazy with how people mislabel dolls. I think those people find the dolls pretty but don't collect, so they don't know about all the different types, and don't really care, either.