Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Review of Barbie Dinner Date table & chair set

I purchased this set yesterday in Walmart as it has the best price on these new prop pieces AT 8.94. It doesn't look like they will go on clearance and they are really hot right now, so I wanted to do a review on the different size doll bodies with these pieces.

Here it is assembled with my Fashion Royalty Convention Erin who has a Poppy Style body. She fits it quite well. Let's get onto the box and what it contains.

It comes with the tabletop, table stand, two chairs- 1 assembled 1 unassembled, a flower centerpiece, 2 bowls of spaghetti, 2 forks, 2 glasses. The tabletop has places where the pieces can snap into the table and the food will not slide off the table if the table is knocked over, cute for a child I suppose. For a playline piece this has so many modern possibilities. I really like the chairs and the table and how it is made. 

Here are the pieces that go with the set.

Cheerleader Ken appears to fit ok underneath with his legs under the table and in the chair, and holding that screwed up fork. So does Erin. I am willing to bet Poppy Parker who is the same size, will work here too. 

Ollie Lawson, a Color Infusion homme, not doing so well in that too small chair and he definitely cannot fit his legs underneath the table. However, maybe with a different chair the table could work as a bistro table on the sidewalk cafe type of deal. 
Again, our Fashion Royalty dolls fail the height test with Mattel props. But this could still be used if her legs were just stretched out and crossed like so with purses draped about. 

And we have a winner with Hot Toys Tony Stark (12 inches high) action figure. GI Joe would probably work as well here with this prop since they are a the same height wise. 

I am tempted to snap up several more of these sets for a diner /restuarant scene I have in mind to do later on, just to have on hand, it would look cool with booths. The little tables go so well with the brick wall and the black and cream tiled floor, they look very diner like. Now All I would need is to get my hands on the Mattel coca-cola diner! 


Cindi Mortensen said...

I bought two of these for either a coffee shop or the Moreville College student union diorama. They seem to work well for most of the Moreville residents although they seem to be a bit small for my Color Infusion guys and gals. :-)

Phyllis said...

I also bought 2 of these sets. Mine are going into 2 small studio apartments I am working on. While they are a bit small for the FR dolls, they work great for regular height 1:6 scale dolls.

Muff said...

That's a great price! They were $10.00 when they first came out and then they went up.