Thursday, August 13, 2015

Poppy Parker Mood Changers Gift set arrival & De-boxing

My Mood Changers Poppy Parker gift set along with my Poppy Parker extra bodies pre-order arrived today! This was an exclusive through the W club and I was so relieved to see it arrive!

Besides coming with a Poppy doll, it also came with two outfits, two pairs of shoes, jewelry, a purse, and two extra heads plus the Poppy had a Quick Switch head feature! As a special 'bonus' we were also able to pre-order Poppy Bodies in the skin tone of the heads- Fashion Royalty white or Japan skin tone - as many as we wanted! (I purchased six bodies, though I really wanted more!) Hopefully Integrity will keep Poppy bodies on hand so we can order them at will. I wish they would do this as those horrid FR2 exploding bodies are the pits.
Back to de-boxing heaven. The set comes with the most wonderful outfits and two heads- one which has lavender hair!All of the dolls have eyelashes as well.

There is a very useful link that Integrity has to give you help on putting heads or body swapping. Click HERE for body swap instructions

Now onto the beauties after they were dressed!



The grandmommy said...

Poppy is so sophisticated I never thought I would se her in lavender hair! She wears it as well as the other accessories! I would love that set!

Farrah Lily said...

I love the red head...her hairstyle is so chic. It's amazing how many different personalities these Poppy's can have from one another. :)

Lisa Neault said...

Some ofthe collectors are so crazy about her that they buy multiples and re-root the different facial screenings in different crazy hair colors like pink, blue, and lavender. So I think Integrity is giving in and finally catching on to the different hair color craze. I never thought I would love a doll with lavender hair,but I love this one!

The great thing aboutthis set is they gave us the option to preorder as many poppy bodies in two different skin tones as we wanted fashion royalty white which is the skin tone for this set or japan skin tone which is very very pale. I got six bodies and wish I could have bought more to rebody other dolls I have.

I think right now I am up to 17 or 18 poppys but would have to count. I have two more coming in that are on preorder. they are like potato chips- you can't stop at one!

jSarie said...

That is a fabulous set - every piece of it is lovely.

And I wouldn't have expected the purple hair to look good, yet somehow it does!