Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Hat Commission

I promised pics of the Hats I had been commissioned to make as table gifts for a client attending the upcoming Ken Convention. I have four more to make.

The original hat was different in that it wasn't lined underneath, this one is lined underneath with a different color fabric to give it more weight. Each hat has two roses and three feathers and a veil on the front. They are the same design, but each is different as you can see as it is fairly impossible to make each one exactly alike. So all the hats are different but similar. Each hat will come with a straight pin though they can balance on the doll's head. 

Here is my silkie, Fabulous in Floral, shopping in the market...

I'm working on yet another project as well, it's a surprise so I should have that finished and pics of that up in a few days as well. I'm on a roll with new stuff I'm making. I think it is all the fabulous photos of the Barbie convention my friends in my fashion doll club and on Flicker have been posting. I was really bummed I was unable to go to the convention since I am only a few hours away from D.C. ...BUT ..Last year I went to Fashion Royalty convention and just couldn't afford both registrations at once. I have heard it is going to be in Florida in 2016 so I am hoping to go to it AND the fashion Royalty convention if it is on the East coast in 2016 AS WELL...lotsa money needed!! And hopefully hubby won't mine me taking that much time for dolls....I have never been able to attend Barbie convention, just never- since they allow people to sign up first at the convention who are at the convention, making it next to impossible to get in when they open the registration the next year. Hopefully, I will be able to get in this year. Fingers crossed.  
Enjoy the pics!~Lisa

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