Monday, August 17, 2015

Multiple projects....

I have a few projects in the works. Did some work on the crate coffee table and its centerpiece, but it needs feet. Still needs a little something. 

 photo IMG_0815_zpsl7b4gowj.jpg

The bowl with big ornate decorate beads give it some color and pop. Debating on whether to use flat wood pieces or matching pieces like for the sofa. Don't want to make this too big and bulky. Might put a piece of glass on top too. Still playing around with it. I've changed it a bit so that is why it isn't finished.

On another note, another 1:6 scale doll is having some camera reproduction Francois Gaultier French fashion doll, Annabelle. 

 photo IMG_0821_zpssclso2mq.jpg

She was purchased from Sylvia Butler of Tarheel Creations.Sylvia comes to the Richmond , Va doll shows every year so I buy shoes and accessories from her and other doll sewers. The lady who made Annabelle's jacket and skirt I cannot remember her name but I have also purchased other dresses fromher too.  Annabelle got her name from the book by Tasha Tudor, 'A is for Annabelle' where it is an alphabet book based on an antique doll called Melissa Shakespeare that belonged to Tasha that was a French Fashion doll, and Tasha used it as a teaching tool for the letters of the alphabet for a children's book.Many doll collectors use it to recreate beloved fashion dolls as I have, and some even use American Girl dolls. I plan to buckle down and get a new wig for Annabelle so she more closely resembles the Annabelle of the book, whose hair was plaited. 

 photo IMG_0818_zpsaiarlgha.jpg

Here she is looking at a fashion book I made with fabric swatches surrounded by a Bombay grandfather clock and some Bespaq furniture. I want to eventually fix her her own dollhouse, get her a trunk like the 1880's fashion dolls had, where she and her clothing could fit into it, and sew her more clothes. That's on my to do list this year, as well as taking her for pictures at the Park and the botanical gardens too. I really want to interact with my dolls, not just have them sit pretty on the shelf. What's the point in having them if you don't use, and enjoy them and photograph them? So I hope to take some more pics of her having tea, shopping, etc. 

Oh, and I updated Pumpkin Hill Studios blog today as well! That will be more active as well with the 'bigger' dolls too. 


Farrah Lily said...

Hi Lisa,
I love the crate coffee table as well as the couch behind it. It's just my style! You made such a good point about taking more time to enjoy the dolls. I sometimes get fixated on adding more and more to my stash, but it's worth it to step back and actually get some use out of them as well. I really love the last photo of her with the furniture. You have some great goals for the year!

Lisa Neault said...

I LOVE doing things for the dolls- mainly photographing them in their environments and making up stories about them. They don't all have to be Barbies or Poppys, or Fashion Royalty dolls. At heart I'm still that kid playing with my dolls in my dollhouse, lol just like Tasha Tudor or Beatrix Potter. I purchased Annabelle with the intention of making her the character from the book so I was looking for a doll that had the 'look' from the illustration as well as would fit my idea of what size Annabelle would be, and that I would also sew for her. I have sewed for her, but when I'm able to get outfits for her reasonable, I go ahead and buy them, I can always make her accessories too, like hats, etc.

I have always , always since Iwas a very young little girl, DREAMED of owning a REAL 1800's french fashion parienne doll like this one, even if it was a reproduction and now I would love another one! Right now I need to get some more Gildebrief patterns to make some more dresses. I think right now I might just try working on making her a hat to go with this outfit, which could be a visiting outfit, but she does need a suitable hat to go with it. As well as a reticule, with calling cards. One of the wonderful things about these dolls is the history and fascinating artistry behind how these dolls were made, especially their accessories!

Vanessa said...

Great job on the crate. I would love to see how it looks with a glass top. I love antique dolls. I didn't years ago, but once I started reproducing them, my love grew exponentially.

Lisa Neault said...

Thank you Vanessa! I agree, the table needs some edge. I have some wood pieces for feet that will give it that height it needs and a glass top would add some interest and a modern edge o it.

I have always loved antique dolls. Not those ugly, fugly, baby dolls with open mouths and teeth from the twenties, ick. The ones with elaborate trousseaus and gowns and dresses. Even the wooden Dutch peg jointed dolls are interesting....I have a reproduction collection of them made by a local artist who lived her in Virginia that passed away. I will have to get them out and take some photos of them. But the Jumeau, Bluettes, Mignonettes, Hurets, which are my absolute vfavorites, and the Simon and Halbrigs, and the Gaultiers, those are lovely dolls. The artistry in their clothing is amazing.

billa's dolls and fashions said...

Hi Lisa, love the projects! I agree with you: there's no point in leaving the Dolls on the shelf!