Friday, April 3, 2015

Good Friday & Have a Happy Easter!

I  have some wonderful outfits arrive today so today was an even more wonderful Good Friday than it already was. I will share one outfit today, and the next one tomorrow, that way I will have two blog posts. They are by two different ebay sellers and arrived just in time to redress two lovely girls..

This one goes on Edge Vanessa...just on a fluke. I didn't think bright colors would suit her, nor the style with her freakish long legs because of the new FR2 body. (I simply hate the new FR2 long legs, I wish they they had kept the older Dracula body as the feet are easier to find shoes for and her breasts and unnaturally, er pointy) but the dress fit better than I expected. I had not redressed her since de-boxing her and she is lovely. Here she is in her new Easter dress! For fun I threw in Starlight Poppy and vintage Dramatic Living Skipper. 

Photo props: Furniture- Disney Princess by Mattel repainted white by me, teacup, Rement, St. Honore pastry, made by me, Flowers, Dollar Tree, Michael's craft store. Bunny- Holland Barbie. 

Backdrop and french doors are made/handcrafted by me. Floor is foamboard covered with marble contact paper. 

                          ~  Happy Easter! ~


Ladonna Russell said...

NICE, great photos

Lisa Neault said...

thank you!

billa's dolls and fashions said...

It's really a beautiful dress Lisa, love the pictures!

Smaller Places said...

That is such a fun dress!

Lisa Neault said...

thank you!

D7ana said...

That dress pops on Edge Vanessa. Brightens her coloring.

Happy Easter!

Muff said...

Very lovely indeed! I also like the white repaint of the Disney set.

Lisa Neault said...

Thank you D7ana, and Thank you Muff!
I agree, Edge Vanessa is one of the loveliest dolls out there. Sometimes I think in making these dolls 'edgy' and in what I term 'bitchy' they overlook the softness and lovely aspects of their very beauty, and make them too hard looking.
I have about two or three more of these sets to repaint. The only places I can find them now is on ebay, I tried to buy them when I could at Walmart or Tuesday morning when they were going for $9 that was as low as I could find them. When the Disney sets first came out they were $16.99!!! I was no way paying that for pink/purple. The tea table set and the bath set was the cutest and most versatile sets made. I wanted a bunch of these for my cafe and coffee shops as well as I thought they would look great for an English tea shop I had thought of doing too. White is the hardest to repaint- it almost takes a whole can of the cheapo walmart .98 cent paint. I'll use the $3 can next time. I have a set inside the patissirie that is painted black, that was easy to paint. I recommend flat white or flat black for pictures so it isn't shiny in your photos and doesn't reflect back in a flash or with lighting. I am thinking a bunch of these painted white at a wedding reception will look great.