Thursday, April 16, 2015

Doll with a Towel....

So there is this tag game going on about Flicker called Doll with a Towel. I did a photo with my online event Agnes who hasn't received any camera time lately and has just now in 2015 been undressed out of her evening gown. Shows how far behind I am. I still have her other outfit she came with on its display mannequin and her two pairs of shoes and jewelry and hands in their boxes they came in. She technically has been 'de-boxed' but simply displayed about my doll room in an inconvenient manner with my Tony Stark now and then as she looks like Pepper Potts a little bit. 

Today I decided to give her some camera time and have been wanting to use that wonderful prop I got at Michael's some months ago on sale. It is the china claw footed bath tub I told you about. It comes in two colors and they are still on sale- pink and cream. I purchased the cream one as it has the most versatility in prop display. It was 50% off 17.99 so it was a steal. They have some left in the aisles, but they are becoming a little scarce. Enjoy the photos!

I used the plants from Lady Tremaine's photo shoot and the rug as well. The nightstand is Bespaq, shoes are from Sous des Tropiques Victoire, cup is
 Re-ment, and the bath towels are an old washcloth I cut up. I originally wanted to put real water and bubbles with bubble bath in the tub, it will hold water, but did not want to take the chance it would ruin my doll. I had looked over her joints and stuff and just was edgy about putting her in water. I didn't think it would hurt her since she literally comes apart, but you never know. (I just am chicken when it comes to $150+ dolls and immersing, taking them apart, etc. call me cheap, crazy, whatever, lol)  Which for me was a disappointment on the realism level as I was looking forward to all sorts of nice photo shots of bubbles in her hands and cute puddles on the floor. 


Muff said...

Well done! This turned out great.

Lisa Neault said...

thank you Muff!