Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Lady Tremaine....

I have finally got around to doing some photos of this lovely before giving her a new body. I find myself stopping on doing that because she's so lovely the way she is. I have yet to see the movie and may end up buying the DVD because for me getting the time to go and see a movie is, well, difficult at best. Yeah, I'm that busy. Buying the DVD is easier. I've already got a big list I want for my birthday. 

You ordinarily wouldn't think lime green would be anyone's color, but it definitely is Cate Blanchette's. This doll looks like her spot on. I would venture to say if they had given this doll a pivatol body you probably would not have been able to find her in the store right now. 

In that dress she just resembles Una Thurman playing Poison Ivy from one of the earlier Batman movies with Val Kilmer.  That outfit could be very Edwardian,or early 20's or modern today evening wear. I am of half of a mind to keep her as she is and buy another to re-body! She is so lovely like this. The feather thing in her head is plastic and comes out. Though the hands are plastic gloves, they really do make the outfit. One reason I was thinking of keeping her like this is when you have a formal event such as a cocktail reception with dolls in formals- my dolls tend to live it up- she would be a very useful 'filler' extra character and does not look cartoonish! I really do adore her. The other one that Disney or Mattel made was done in a Victorian gown of black lace. I would like to have her but would not be able to use her in regular scenes. 
 Still working on Poppy's apartment layout,  which may come down in a couple of weeks as my birthday is in the first weekend of May. (I have been promised a special birthday weekend by hubby this year, with lots of loot.) I am also hoping for a couple of Hot Toys wishlists for my birthday and hope they can be here by then. If not, I will have lots of blog posts when they arrive afterwards!


Phyllis said...

Mattel did a great job on this series of dolls. The Disneystore brand is also very nice, but their heads are a bit oversized. I have rebodied my Lady Tremaine on a Barbie Elvis Pivotal body, although it is not a perfect match. I would be interested to see what body you chose to rebody yours (or one of yours!) on. I think Roville used a Monogram body and hers was a very good match. I also wish I could work her magic in redoing my dolls hair!

Hope you have a wonderful birthday and can't wait to see all of your "loot"!

Lisa Neault said...

I bought a couple of bodies at the FR Convention that are the older bodies, not the new FR2 bodies, thank goodness. I think my body might be similar to hers. It is a pale japan tone.

Still working on getting the funds together to order the 'loot', lol!

Vanessa said...

She really is spot on! They did a great job on her.

Lisa Neault said...

She is a little hard to find, I suggest going to your local Toys R us, which is where I found mine. She's probably in the more populated Walmarts, but I have not seen her in the ones near me, but the ones near me tend to be more 'rural' and those are not as well stocked. I've noticed the larger walmarts in the larger more metro areas get the better dolls, like the barbie basics and the collector quality dolls. Not complaining, I understand- they don't stock what does not sell and will have to be put on clearance. The nearest Toysrus is about 40 miles away from me, so I did it on a errand I had to run.My walmart has cinderallas and fairy godmothers galore, but no lady tremaine. I was surprised to see we did getthe line of barbie basics though and the whole slew of the fashion packs.

D7ana said...

Congrats on getting the Lady Tremaine doll. Character dolls add variety and realism to our collections.