Friday, April 17, 2015

Sewing with Vintage patterns....

I had some time yesterday so I did some sewing on a dress. A few months ago I had purchased some vintage patterns that are copies from this ebay seller 
mjsvintagepatterns who I highly recommend. Her reproduction patterns are high quality prints on 8 x 17 copies with a color copy of the dolls in the fashions from the original pattern with the instructions. She usually gives free shipping on all of her patterns. She also sells on Etsy as well. . I had also purchased a wedding wardrobe pattern because it had the bridal gown and veil in a sheath and I wanted to try that with the idea to make Poppy's wedding gown for Poppy and Ryan's wedding. 

So I started with this cute little piece of Retro kitty fabric that I had purchased at A.C. Moore a while back for the luncheon dress. The luncheon dress is very cute, it fits not only Silkstone Barbie- and regular Barbie with a pivotal body, but Poppy Parker, and Victoire Roux. I imagine you can squeeze Agnes in it too with the old Fashion Royalty body in it, I haven't tried yet. 

I simply couldn't resist Victoire in this little dress. Her red hair looks stunning with the pink. So sultry and sassy. 
The dress pattern calls for a belt that cinches it in at the waist. It is actually a very shapeless sheath and snaps at the back. I was thinking of playing with the belt and making it more ornate instead of cloth. I played with the collar, discarding the pattern for it. They had it white and made it look like a bib. I used a soft chiffon and scrunched it up a bit, then sewed it in place. I didn't use a pattern for that, just draped it. Looks much better than what they had. This is the pattern that I used:

Originally made to fit vintage Barbie, this dress can fit so much more and has alot of versatility. I purchased this pattern after seeing alot of people on Flicker who belonged to one of the Flicker groups make it and saw it might have some possibilities- and then saw similarities in some of the dresses that designers like the ones of dresses that go for so much I slobber over have similar construction. Since I don't have $80-100 to spend on an outfit for my doll! I decided that I could with a little patience, make my own. It has been time consuming learning. Dressmakers and designers like Matisse, Belissama couture, Culte De Paris, Dangerous Dames, all have far more talent than I. For one, I have never learned to operate a sewing machine. I sew everything by hand. Even in home economics, it was difficult for me to work on a sewing machine. I come from a long line of women who sew, quilt, needlepoint, cross stitch- all of which I learned to do. Sewing on a machine simply drives me crazy. I remember telling a fellow doll artist this problem and she said the problem I had was a talent that many wished for. I have found it simpler to drape it and pin it and then stitch it in place then to thread the machine and figure out how to keep it straight and yada yada. Most of the time when I have tried to sew on a machine I end up taking more time messing up my project. lol... I have often thought of taking a class to correct this but figure out that will be on the bucket list, lol. What I seem to be doing works, so oh well. 

I have enough of this little retro kitty fabric that I may make another one of these little dresses if I can get some aqua to make the collar in a drape. It is such a fun print. I would love to get good enough to make these little dresses to sell on Etsy or Ebay occasionally  if people liked them enough. Victoire has a cuff bracelet and I was thinking making a little pair of earrings that went with the dress would add to it, in the same shade of pink. 

I would love some opinions on this dress, please let me know what you think. 
Off to sew some more- maybe put them in LaBelle's for the ladies to buy!


D7ana said...

Ah the sheath silhouette - classy, classical and chic. I like how you've used a print pattern for the dress body and topped that with a bright, catchy pink solid "collar." Winning style and execution. Congratulations ;-)

I sew by hand (don't use sewing machines), too.

Hilda Westervelt said...

This is wonderful, Lisa. Sewing in miniature just takes practice and the creative choices and innovations that you made already show that you have what it takes! Good luck and enjoy!
Xo Hilda

Lisa Neault said...

Thank you D7ana.
Oh my Hilda, thank you that is praise indeed! I truly gasp with pleasure at your creations. I have always longed to sew like you and the others. I am one of those who would sew their fingers together with the sewing machine, LOL... Your praise means so very much on my attempts at doll fashion. Thank you for visiting my blog and your kind remarks.

Muff said...

Is this the season for sewing? I'm seeing a lot of bloggers getting their sew on. I think she looks darling in that dress.

Lisa Neault said...

thank you Muff! I believe it is!
I made a promise to myself last year when I shut down the ebay store that I would finally take some time and teach myself how to sew with patterns. Then maybe tackle learn how to with the machine. I have one, never learned how to use it. Backwards that way, lol. Always, always wanted to sew. Now that I have extra time I figure I will start with the dolly clothes and it has been fun . I am working on another of the retro kitty dresses since I have enough fabric. This one might be displayed in LaBelle's or go on one of the dolls, I had a problem or two with it. It's tons of fun once you start- especially if you're cheap and use a fabric stash you have like me. lol. I'm starting with simple vintage patterns nothing too hard, and attempting to put my own spin on it to make them more interesting.