Sunday, April 12, 2015

I get by with a little help from my friends....

This tune came to mind this week when one of my miniature friends, James Opher who I have given alot of miniature supplies to at a deal clearing out my stock from my shop last summer, and some of my miniature magazines, recently contacted me. He had some finds that were in the playscale size he had purchased in a couple of lots off of Ebay and wanted to know if I was interested.  The set I am showing you is one of the items he gave me. The video above, is from the music special celebrating the Beatles 50th anniversary show on Ed Sullivan in 1964 last year with Paul and Ringo singing "I Get By With a Little Help From My Friends" . Paul and Ringo are two of my favorite of the Fab Four. 

The set is marked on the bottom Handmade by N.C. blind craftsmen and it is very well made. The table is not high enough to accomadate their legs, but I can probably get some of those modern plastic chairs for the table. It goes with the whole butcher block theme. 

I was going through some of my mother's items/miniatures and also found she had purchased some matching Re-ment at a dollshow years ago, which was a nice surprise. Here are Poppy and Ryan having a nice little Sunday Breakfast.

Today I began the layout of Poppy's apartment so I moved the entry hallway diorama to where the entry hallway of the condo complex will actually be. Poppy's apartment will have a living room area, kitchen/dining area, bathroom and bedroom and a small balcony. I did the layout on the table this morning, cutting off edges of the tiles and figuring out how many walls I need, and any extra supplies. The table and chairs James gave me are wonderful. I used Poppy's new daybed to hold up the wall between her living room and bathroom

There, you get a feel for where it is going. Alot more walls need to be put in place. When I finish, I will be able to take away walls to photo graph from different angles. I need to purchase a few more tiles and alot more foamcore, and contact paper as well. Lots and lots more to do. To keep myself busy until I get that shopping list done I probably will get the rest of the pillows done on her bed. 
Have a great Sunday!~Lisa

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Muff said...

That's a very nice table set. I wonder if you can add those wooden pieces to the end of the legs that you find at Michaels to make it taller?