Wednesday, April 8, 2015

New diorama: the Entry hallway to Poppy's Condo apartment

I am back to the building diorama table, Batman! and have finally figured out how to use a little prop I bought months ago and finally finished and figured out how to use for Poppy's condo. 
I have long been fascinated with how Jatman did her apartment set up for the story Team Roommate . It was so neat that all she had to do was take walls away to film. So I have been playing around with the same thing myself for Poppy's storyline when she invites her parents and sisters over for dinner to meet Bryan. Ever since I purchased the new little office caddy to turn into a sofa/daybed, I have been obsessed with her apartment /condo that sits on the marina near the bay. Yeah, Poppy Parker is used to money and likes to be near the boats and go sailing, so I thought her lifestyle of photography should reflect that. I had started building an over the top modern beach house, but it just didn't jive last year. 
Last year around Christmas I purchased one of those cheapo desk fountains at a bargain store for about $5 - you can get them at Dollar General, Ross, and other places too. I had to build a base for it but it really works and it I love it, I may get a much taller one for a church scene. They run on batteries. Here is the entry hallway to the condo where Poppy lives and the entry/hallway on the groundfloor. 

The back wall is a blue panel of foamboard. The two brick panels are foam insulation carved with brick and painted white. I used mydremel to do the brick. Some of the white was spray painted some was just painted on with acrylic and a brush. The greenery and pots of cactus are from Michael's. I spray painted the base of insulation thicknesses for the fountain with spray stone texture paint and let it dry overnight. Tony and Poppy seem to enjoy the entry way. 

It might need a bit of a splash of artwork on the walls on either side of the brick panels but I think it turned out well for a first time setup. Maybe more greenery? I was aiming for posh. I've been looking for nautical type of items that would be suitable in a condo type complex like this, maybe something like a simple net with starfish in it on the walls, or a painting of a sailboats, or oars crossed on either side that type of thing would work. Or even tattered fishmonger signs on the walls too. 


billa's dolls and fashions said...

It is beautiful Lisa!
as far as the decorations for the walls goes I love the fishnet with starfishes idea a lot!

Phyllis said...

Very nice, Lisa! Adds a bit of sophistication to the condo entrance. Can't wait to see the finished product.

Farrah Lily said...

Hi Lisa!
What a great job. I love seeing how people do these dioramas so thank you for sharing your methods. :)

Lisa Neault said...

You're welcome! Farrah lily. This is just the quick setup. It needs more depth with side walls to show depth. I have tweaking to do on this one, it's fun.
Billa, thank you. Thank you Phyllis. Right now I am thinking of the accessories to put on the walls. I might try different ones. I'm going for posh and don't know if the net and star fish will make it look like a restuarant or cafe?? maybe sailboat art or modern art would make it look more classy? I got this idea from a corporate building or a hotel I was at and wanted to do it with my dolls, or a reasonable fact similar. To add depth to this entrance I was going to add a glass window on one end and across from the fountain would be the door to poppy's apartment. I am still attempting to do the layout on my dining room table which isn't that easy ! But amhaving fun figuring it out and photographing my ideas as I go along.

Smaller Places said...

Oh, cool! Great deployment of the desk fountain!

I'm thinking some sort of nautical hardware turned into lights or planters.

D7ana said...

I like the fountain and the stone columns.

Just wondering here but could you do a beachfront backdrop instead of the blue walls? Like there are "glass" walls between the stone columns and we see the beach with maybe a yacht "docked" on one or the other end?

Or leave this diorama as it is and do a view suggesting a waterfront that holds yachts?

Giving away my landbound background ;-)

Lisa Neault said...

Smaller places I was thinking of that too- maybe an old fashioned steer wheel or something turned into sculpture. Or one of those old lights that are out in the middle of the bay turned into a sculpture, my grandad had one of them, they are made of blown glass that is blue or green.
D7ana, you kind of read my mind but that is what I was thinking of on the end behind Tony and the chair and table. I was going to go to 'real' pier and take some pics and blow them up as a backdrop of sorts then 'frame' it in as a window so it looked like Tony was sitting in front of a glass window. The opposite wall would hold , the door to Poppy's apartment and a balcony overlooking the yachts, very posh and Poppy-like.Plus it would give the added feel of 'real' boats in the scene. I was thinking of blowing it up to an 10 x 12 or maybe an 11 x 17 so it could be used as a window outside backdrop that was believable. I have to go to the location to get the pics first. This is a long project in the making!lol...You and I think alike!

Muff said...

This is so cool! I love the idea and how you've executed it.

Lisa Neault said...

thank you Muff!