Thursday, April 30, 2015

A trip to Hobby Lobby!

Note to self:  Don't let Lisa go to Hobby Lobby with money! 

So I went to Hobby Lobby since I was in the area- it is so far, that when I get to that area of town, I usually stop in. I can't help myself, it is diorama heaven. I found some wonderful items there, not just for doll stuff, but for re-decorating the house. Hubcap and I have been talking about decorating the bedroom and house in a nautical theme, since we leave near the river. Not shabby chic beach, but 'elegant' beach as the hubcap calls it. So I've been taking pics of items that might appeal to me and him. Everything almost appeals to me, except the kindergarden crafty look that I could do myself. Or the campy look. I already have the just-moved-in-and-still-living-out-of-the-boxes-look, as everything in the dining room and den has been packed up to move the rooms about. 

Today they had those neat, gas station pumps at 50% off. And the only ones they had left were the Texaco ones- they were down to 2. These things run 34.99 so I got mine at 17.49 I think. Here are 2 of my boys who are thrilled some manly props have come into the doll room.

All of the metal car statues and signage were on sale at 50% off this week, except for furniture. I wanted the neat little Texaco sign, but it wasn't really tall enough and even half off wasnn't worth it. I did snag these nice vintage looking magnets. I also got ten sheets of brick scrapbook paper at 1/2 off as well. I picked up some polymer clay too with my 40% off coupon. 

I dragged out one of my cars to show how in scale these pumps are. I should have bought the other one too. They are about 13 inches in height or more like 13 1/2 inches high- much taller than  GI Joe or Mattel Johnny, so even if a FR homme is next to them or a FR2 doll would be there I don't think they would be overpowered. A vintage style general store/filling station would be cool especially with the signage. I have always wanted to create one of these for the Joes. 
All for now- Lisa


Ladonna Russell said...


Phyllis said...

That is great. Growing up, we had an old country store and we had gas pumps very much like this in the front. I love Hobby Lobby too, so it is a good thing it is not too close to me -- I have to drive a ways to get there so I don't go there often.

D7ana said...

Congrats on that neat find - and at that price, too! Thanks for showing a Vintage Joe and foxy Johnny with the pump, too.

I don't think we have Hobby Lobby near Philly. Sigh. Then again, I don't need to be buying stuff now ;-P

Farrah Lily said...

Great unique! Johnny looks amazing even pumping gas :)

Lisa Neault said...

I have pictures of an old gas station back in North Carolina in Shelby where my dad is from that I wanted to reproduce. I think it was a Texaco. I may have to get that back up and compare again.
Hobby Lobby just came to Richmond and we have two, oneis further away from me but since I live in a rural area, everything is at least 2-35 minutes away. The GI Joe goes on the forum the Trenches (link to the forum is on the sidebar to the left) occasionally do some great dioramas and one kid a couple of years ago did a great vintage gas statioin at Joeatlanta shoe in 2012 I think that was under zombie attack and I have photos of it on my pinterest 1:6 scale diorama board. I have always wanted to go to that show and participate in that show because there is nothing those guys cannot make out of cardboard, foamcore, or crap. I am hoping for more diorama room when we get get our barn /studio finished this year. (fingers crossed)

billa's dolls and fashions said...

OMH Hobby Lobby looks like a great place to be....your guys looks so happy with the new gas pump, love how you arranged the dio

Lisa Neault said...

yeah,the dio for this was very quickly arranged! HobbyLobby is a diorama heaven.

Muff said...

Now that is a very cool find!