Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Making Minis and I found Darrin!

Forgive the haphazard title. I have been working on some books for the dolls, and that has been what I have been doing for a couple of days. 
PLUS,I found the ever elusive hard to find Darrin! He was in my local Walmart and the LAST one. If they ever had them. Maybe they only come in one at a time. lol.

But back to mini Bookmaking. I belong to a group on Facebook called 
Paper Minis for 12 inch Fashion Dolls and the person who started it, Angel, created oodles of miniature book cover files. You can also upload your own paper mini files to the group as well. Over the weekend or on Monday I printed off a bunch of these onto cardstock. It has always been my intention to make bookshelves filled with books for an elaborate library. I love to read and so do my dolls. 
Here are some of the finished books.

I printed the files out onto regular cardstock, then used scraps of foamcore cut to fit the book covers and glued them, and let dry. I then coated the front, spine and back with triple thick to give the colors more pop and make the covers look glossy.  

the doll at the desk is my original Mini Me - or Mini Lisa. Her desk looks alot like my own out in the office- covered with books (mostly bills and paperwork and folders and computers in real life!)  and my 'real' desk is much larger, lol. Mini Lisa's desk looks more cleaner and fun then mine...Right now she is reading the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and like me, loves Egyptian history. 

Mini Lisa, Trixie, Darrin and Tommy are enjoying the Harry Potter books- they have the whole series. 

I had also made a long time ago reproduction Victorian Godey's ladies cards with matching envelopes and stationary paper, tied with silk ribbon for the desk. The envelopes were made with a crafty punch that I purchased online a few years ago and I still use. 

Here are the photos of Darrin in his package and size comparisons with Tommy:

He is much cuter withthe plastic hat off. His head is ok, but seems a little larger than Tommy's, and I dislike those teal boots/sneakers intensely. He looks too feminine for a boy- his sneakers should be white and the soccer ball on his shirt should not be pink!! Tommy on the right looks far more boyish and real looking to me than Darrin. He looks like a Chelsea with a short hair bob. I will probably be changing his shoes most definitely. 


Vanessa said...

Congrats on getting your books made and on getting Darrin. The books look great. Darrin's soccer ball looks red to me. Boys these days are wearing very colorful shoes. I go to basketball games and the boys are wearing orange, teal, purple, fushia, pink yellow, and every other color in the book, except white. So Darrin is in fashion with the times. I haven't seen a boy in white sneakers in a couple of years now. My 15yr old "stepson" wears pink socks and shirts all the time, and he is very manly.

Lisa Neault said...

lol...thanks Vanessa. Guess I'm behind the times. The books are fun to make and the paper minis group is great, especially if you need alot of items to fill up a book shelf. Always wanted to do a library or book store!

As for the sneakers, I've noticed that, on the colorful overly bright in my opinion- makes it impossible to get a pair of sneakers in white nowadays!

Phyllis said...

Oh, I like all of your books. I will have to go to that FB page so I can make some too. I need books and other accessories for my families. I agree with Vanessa on the shoes. White shoes are not "in" anymore. DCs are all the rage and they come in many colors!

I think Darrin is cute. I rebodied mine on a horse riding Chelsea body so he has articulating knees.

Lisa Neault said...

Hi Phyllis. What a great idea to put him on a ddifferent body!

The facebook page is really cool and has a variety of different types of books, you won't be disappointed if you join!