Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Day tripping with Poppy....

Sorry for not posting more this weekend with new photos, but my hubby and I took a day trip this weekend on Saturday to Williamsburg, Va. I live about 45 minutes from Williamsburg, in King William County, which is centrally located to the Northern Neck , as we call it - or the rivah, if you're a local, near the Kilmarnock- Tappahanock region. It is a beautiful, lovely and historic area. We sometimes like to get away and just go see the sights, have lunch and poke about looking for antique and cool shops.

First we visited the newly re-vamped Williamsburg Pottery. This place had older structures but sadly, has been redesigned to look like Northern Va. nightmare. Prices are higher and you are definitely paying for the ambience/scenery of the Pottery now, the merchandise is not worth it. I miss the quaint charm and the wholesale atmosphere where you could order custom floral arrangements, push a basket over rickety concrete floors, and dig in huge bins. It was a crafter/designer dreamhouse. Now it looks like a cross between Garden Ridge and Bed Bath and Beyond, only with Northern Va. price tags.

But they still had a few oldies from the old store that used to beon display. The Pottery is over 60+ years old, heck, even going on 80 years since it was started in the 30's. One of the items they had on display was this HUGE chinese ivory carved scene in a display case. I'm over 40 and it's been there as long as I have been attending /shopping there with my parents...

In this photo, my hubby Chris stands in front- the display case is huge and they have cleaned it up and repaired it a bit since it is quite old. 

Poppy in front of some of the intricately carved scenes of the display. As a child, I adored looking at this intricate miniature.

Next was lunch and then Yankee Candle factory.

The Christmas village inside is actually like walking in Christmas town- overhead on the dark black ceiling are lights to simulate stars- and occasionally- it snows inside! Christmas music plays and you go in and out each one of the little shops that is devoted to certain Christmas brands- German nutcrackers, Ornament stalls/wagons all over the place, decorated trees, and I somehow controlled myself. I took pics of Poppy next to the Department 56 Downtown Abbey display and mainly to scope out their trees- but the biggest ones are barely high enough. I love this place because of all the miniatures for my dioramas. I could barely contain myself in the Buyer's choice shop- the fencing and that market stall- I so want it! They had three different ones. I was salivating to say the least. 
They also had a Fontanini display and some 1:6 figures, but the ones that caught my eye were the HUGE ones, in 1:3 scale.

They were quite lovely....outside, the decoration mania for Fall went on and on...

We then traveled onto the historical part of Williamsburg-my all time favorite part. There were alot of things going on, and parking couldn't be found, so we by passed getting out and walking around the historical part on Saturday- it was college mayhem, as it appeared games were going on, and fall events such as a craft fair, so we drove thru and went to the Williamsburg Visitor center, which was fun too. 

The fountain above is a Millionaire's memorial of all the people who funded the restoration of Williamsburg and its museums, the buildings, etc. I also couldn't resist taking pics of these t shirts. I thought they were funny and would love to go back and pick them up.

We then headed home, but not before stopping at the little gem of Charlie's Antiques.

First thing you see when you walk in is a cornucupia of hard to find, unique antiques/vintage items. That handmade 1:12 scale dollhouse was a delight to discover and take pics of. I admired the workmanship and use of the veneer throughout the house, it is my guess they were trying to do the palace at Brighton with their own spin, but I could be wrong. Pricey at $2000 there are more photos on my Facebook page. Another unique item was the child's or doll canopy bed and these unusual birdhouses. I would call them vintage rather than antique myself.

There were also child sized replica Chippendale chairs and this lovely French armchair. There were simply some AMAZING statues that are more photo indepth on my Flicker album if you click above on the stream, you can see them. 

Did I buy anything? Of course! At the visitors center I did buy two pictures for my dioramas. I will take photos of them later in a diorama. I may go back before Christmas and snap up some items in the Byer's choice shop- I adore those little market stalls and would love to do a Christmas market place type of diorama, it would be extremely cool. 


Vanessa said...

This brings back such wonderful memories of when I went to Williamsburg, VA. It's been a long time, but the memories remain. Thanks for sharing your trip with us.

Lisa Neault said...

You're welcome! Williamsburg is quite special to me with alot of good memories, I adore going there.

billa's dolls and fashions said...

Hi Lisa, this was a wonderful trip! It must have been real fun, and I'm simply amazed by the Pottery and the doll houses.
Poppy is a lucky girl!