Thursday, October 30, 2014

Day 2.. GLOSS convention schedule & tickets..

This is Day 2...and it's just beginning to heat up. I have had some of my flicker friends contact me about schedules and workshops. I will probably be doing another Day 2- update post after the dinner this evening. Just keep checking back. In this post I'm going to give you photos of my Gloss convention doll tickets and the schedule.

Here are the photos. There are more on Flicker!
It appears there are two poppy parkers, and one is a store exclusive. I am hoping against hope she will be available when I am allowed in- but she will probably be listed before I ever get into the store. The one we knew about, Dark Moon Poppy, I know I will probably be able to get her. More updates on Day 2 and watch my Flicker pages for live uploads!


Clariana said...

Thanks for this I am following your blog from the UK!

Lisa Neault said...

youre welcome! Click on the pics and you can see the schedule and tickets better.

Leslieanne said...

Thanks, Lisa! Bogostick/Leslie here...I heard Wild Thing was stuck in customs? Wouldn't you know it, I was online and ready to click buy-it-now for her but haven't seen a single one pop up!

Lisa Neault said...

Hi Leslie. Wild Thing is one of the items held up in customs, just like our 'free' giveaway dolls Smoking Adele and the other Poppy we were supposed to receive. Alot of the convention dolls were also not available to buy either, and the Style Lab guys and their fashion s partially arrived today . I got two I wanted but no male fashions. The workishop kits are held up as well. We will know by tomorrow if they are here, the items will be given to us at the farewell gala dinner Saturday night if they are.
Myself, I would not buy Wild Thing until I was sure the person had preordered it- those are ok and ready to ship after convention.