Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Day 1..W Club GLOSS Fashion Royalty convention in Orlando, Florida

Day 1... We arrived this morning by noon at the Hyatt Regency hotel in Orland, Florida! The drive down yesterday, stopped in Georgia and traffic was not bad at all...The hotel here is AMAZING...It is a convention hotel like most on International drive, and has over 300,000 square feet of the convention floor. I have taken some great photos of the decor, which screams for one of the Fashion Royalty ladies to pose themselves all about.

Link to my Flicker album on the GLOSS convention. I will be uploading photos and trying to do a post here and there. 

Well, today I helped Denise Travers set up for her room sales. She had asked for help on the dolly boards, so I offered to help her set up. By the way, she has awesome Misaki, Poppys, AZONE, and also the Phiceon dolls as well. Here is the Misaki I picked up...

She's so adorable!

Next up is the doll we received with our registration packages. Speculation so far is she is an Erin /NuFace. She is very cute.

She is adorable. The hotel is so lovely. I took some photos of the interior..

I will be posting here hopefully daily if I can, but the fun begins at shopping and the dinner tomorrow evening! I will try to post here on the blog, but be sure to check my Flicker album too. Having fun already!~Lisa

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