Friday, October 3, 2014

After the Party....

After the reception and party, Agnes had her sister, Pepper, her cousin Agatha, and her mother Victoire for a little midnight tea in her bedroom, so Pepper could unwind. It had been a long day, and Pepper had just arrived that morning. 

Pepper was still excited at all of the people who had been invited to meet her and welcome her home.

"I still can't believe how many people came to the party! Agnes, HOW many people did you invite??" Pepper exclaimed.
'There were alot of people, but this was a small soiree," Her cousin Agatha said

"SMALL? What was small about that?" asked Pepper in astonishment
"Really darling, these were just some close friends and people who were visiting for the houseparty" Agnes said breezily. 'Agatha didn't even invite many of her friends- they were all vacationing and just couldn't make it back from Monaco, '
Agatha nodded her head in agreement.

Victoire, their mother speaks up.'Really dearest, you are going to have to get over this astonishment. Of course our friends would love to see you- you are finally home and not out working with that vulgar Stark man', her mother sniffed. 
'Mother! Tony is wonderful! I hope you will be kind to him, you know he's arriving soon!' Pepper exclaimed. Agnes and Agatha diplomatically remain silent.
Meanwhile, while the ladies unwind upstairs, downstairs in the parlor....

Giles and Agnes' friend Pierre, play chess in the parlor. It appears Giles just might win....
"Giles wouldn't do that if I were you,' Pierre cautioned. 

Giles'retriever edges closer to the table. Giles takes a deep puff on his pipe and moves a chess piece. " Your turn, young man. I just might win this one,'

These were a few more photos I took after switching things around a bit after the party/reception pics. I have another scene I wish to do but will take some time to set up, and then hopefully I can begin to assemble the halloween photos and diorama up soon. Enjoy!


billa's dolls and fashions said...

I should have known that it was just a small intimate reception, as the Baroness was the guest....LOL
very nice pictures Lisa! I like Giles a lot!

Lisa Neault said...

thank you! He is one of my favorite buffy sideshow characters, and the best 'well done' I think. I have two buffys, but sideshow really screwed up the sculpt.
Yes, it was just a 'small' reception with thirty or fifty people!lol....The Baroness is quite the spendthrift!