Friday, October 17, 2014

Joyous Celebration Poppy Parker...

...has arrived, and she is exquisite! This doll is so retro vintage 60's, the era I grew up in, can't get enough of her. Finally got things set up for a photo shoot and instead of the same old same old props, added splash of teal and pink and gold to pick up that dress and fuschia pink crinoline.

Lovely isn't she? I can't get over that braided updo. And the jewelry is glam, and simple- too much jewelry would take away from the gown.

The first set I did with her is the chair is Jim Coates Miniatures/ Bespaq, the hutch is a vintage Pricepessa Italian piece from Ebay, rug is a glitzy little placemat from my stash, and the portraits are from the $1 bins at Michaels, the portraits themselves are pictures of Whistler's women cut out of Victoria magazine.

2nd set shows a walnut Bespaq table with a floral arrangement and the back and sides of her gown. Simply lovely.

** Now a little behind the scenes on 'how I do it!'

My temp diorama sets are on 4 ft tables, side by side. Here is the backdrop with foamcore covered in marble contact paper for the floor. There is another set beside this for another photo shoot with wood grained contact paper on foamcore for flooring for that. My lights are clamped to the side of the dollhouse walls. This room is quite small so I have very limited space on setting up my photo shoots. At the most I can sometimes fit three on these two table surfaces. The dollhouse sits in the middle of the wall to the right, and behind that, the 6 ft table that holds the bakery and LaBelle's and the faux boutique. In another corner is the two shelves filled with props and a close also filled. For this photo shoot I wanted to do a mix of new with old and the 60's were all about those pastel loud colors with antique furniture and modern furniture. Enjoy the pics!~Lisa

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