Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Haunted Beauty...Mistress of the Manor

I received my Mistress of the Manor Barbie yesterday...this doll is simply stunning. I purchased immediately even though I had already used my coupon, as I had missed out on Ghost. I also have the Haunted Beauty vampire. 
If you are a beginning collector, this doll rocks. 

I took some photos of her beside a Bespaq Victorian tea table, that I had altered and aged that her book rests on. The picture hanging in the back is from the Williamsburg Souvenir visitor center shop in the bookstore.

Picture of the book which says, Life in the Scream House. Suitably spooky and creepy!
closeup of her keys. 

Closeup of the back of her gown. Though not exactly historically accurate, it passes and that is what counts. I know from experience how hard it is to translate sewing methods into Victorian fashion in miniature, and I think Mattel did an excellent job on this one. I predict people who buy her and sell the dress will get upwards of $50-80 for the outfit. Her shoes are historically accurate looking black high heeled boots that have the appearance of buttoning up. I really appreciated this detail- though she has no underwear on , unlike Scarlett in the portrait white dress who had undies and red spike heels on. 

Her candelabra is suitably spook-tacular too. 



billa's dolls and fashions said...

Hi Lisa, she's beautiful and you took great pictures of her! It looks like Mattel's latest releases are of excellent quality. I'm impressed with the dress.

Lisa Neault said...

Hi Billa, this one is a doll I would love to have two of- one in her historical dress and one in a modern business suit. She really is a beauty, I love the Peace skintone. My next one I am hoping to get is the Elf one and the venetian muse, problem is they are so very pricey. Mattel has really been doing an awesome job with their collector series of dolls, almost overtaking Fashion Royalty. My biggest problem is with the $100 price tag these dolls should have an articulated body like thepivatol one on Frank sinatra- they could do it- they are just lazy and cheap. Haunted beauty has articulated arms but her legs are model muse.

Night Owl said...

She's beautiful, I love the dress and her hair. The book is awesome :-). Great pictures of this mysterious lady!

Muff said...

Oooh, she looks wicked! Love her.

D7ana said...

Congratulations on getting her. She's a lovely doll. And I agree - she ought to be fully articulated - at knees as well as at her elbows.