Sunday, October 12, 2014

Fredericksburg doll show and more sightseeing...

Yesterday I attended the Fredericksburg doll show which is put on by the Fredericksburg doll club...small but has alot of great stuff. Mostly lots of antique dolls and my Barbie club members had a show table there too. I purchased some inexpensive items outfits mostly, for the dolls as autumn is coming and they needed some new outfits. I also found the perfect Tommy doll to complete the French royal family for the French Chateau project. He will make a great Louis Charles, the Dauphin. 

I also purchased four stands from the local stand guy. They are nothing fancy, but I prefer these as the stand pole does not come out of a pole and I can lift the doll from the back without having to use two hands to balance her, since she is firmly held onto the stand, unlike the fashion royalty stands. 

Here are some photos of Young Sophisticate and Pillow Talk, my two favorites, wearing some new autumn fashions. 

The coat, two skirts and sweater were purchased from one of the bargain bins for less than $3 altogether! Young Sophisticate is wearing the new leopard Poppy Parker boots from this year's shoe pack. 

here are some more of the outfits and stands I purchased, as well as the Tommy doll. He was the most expensive item I purchased for $10 with his little sailboat and shirt...but I would have spent that much on ebay for him with shipping. He matches Marie Therese and his parents quite well. 

After the doll show, went to lunch in the historic part of Fredericksburg, and walked around to the shops and antique shops. I didn't have my camera, and really regret it. Here are a few pics of the amazing stuff we saw. I promise next time to take my camera like I did to Williamsburg. Chris and I love taking a Saturday to just go for a day trip now and then and walk and see the sights. 

In one of the shops, which was quite large with individual booths, this antique doll display.

turn of the century settee, reupholstered it looked like, and some reproduction Napoleonic /Empire swan chairs. They looked reproduction to me because of the way they appeared to be made. Price was too cheap as well...would have loved to bought them and had them reupholstered. Look at the swan detail!

Bonnet Highboy, lovely and very similar to the ones Pitt Ginsburg did in 1:6 scale Bespaq I used to sell. 

Gorgeous goose-necked canopy antique bed....

Shop windows in a shabby chic shop, just loved the mix of white with cream, taupe, and goldtones in this display. I would love to reproduce this in 1:6 scale. 
Sorry to bore everyone with full size decor pics on a doll blog, but this is where I get inspired- from real life. Then it's to the diorama drawing board, so to

cute shop and sign...downtown Historic Fredericksburg is quite artsy and eclectic, you NEVER know what type of shop you will find. It abounds with every type of gourmet cuisine!

The historic Hugh Mercer's apothecary shop with its garden in back, they weren't open yesterday...

and a shop with Halloween decor...hopefully we'll be able to get back up and peruse it more. It is so much fun! We ate at an Italian bistro that had been there for years, then visited Ahlman's jewelry store where Chris' mother used to order her china and crystal. Goolrick's pharmacy, which has the best ice cream, was already beginning to close. They have the best ice cream sodas!

We also stopped by an old bakery Chris used to go to as a kid and got cookies and some sweets like he remembered. Chris grew up in Stafford and went to alot of the shops that are still open when he was growing up. 
Enjoy the pics! Happy Sunday!~Lisa


Marta said...

Hello from Spain: very cool outfit. Fabulous shopping. I really like the clothes and accessories. Tommy is lovely. Keep in touch

Lisa Neault said...

thank you Marta!

Phyllis said...

Wow,Lisa, what great finds, especially the clothing.

Anonymous said...

Hi Lisa, the new outfits are lovely, and Tommy is very cute, the family looks very good together. The photographs of your day in the town are great, it must be a real pleasure to stroll around there and look at all the unique antiques :-).