Thursday, June 6, 2013

1:6 Food creations for two on my Etsy....

I have been working on more 1:6 scale foods, and decided to create items for two dolls, such as meals. I had to wait to list these items until I received my utensils and plates I had ordered. 
First up is the two turkey subs with pickle spear, and potato chips. click HERE for the Etsy listing in my Etsy shop. $16 plus shipping

The 2nd listing on Etsy is a full 1:6 scale turkey dinner for two- each plate has sliced turkey, mashed potatoes with gravy,& green beans with carrot medallions. A sliced turkey breast is on another plate with two loose slices of turkey for your placement pleasure, as well as a plate of 4 biscuits that are also loose and can be removed from the plate. Glasses, dolls, props utensils are not included in the listing. This meal is $30 plus shipping. Click HERE to go to my Etsy store for this listing.

I am working on some dessert items too, this was the first day in over a month that I have been able to devote myself to working on my 1:6 scale food, which I love. I try to keep prices affordable, so please remember the cost includes the cost of the china plates as well as my skill. One of my pleasures is attempting to reproduce foods that I and my family love, which translates to my dioramas and scenes. 


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Ms. Leo said...

WOW! They look pretty good! I like the sandwiches with the pickle. It seems everyone is making food for their dolls!