Sunday, June 30, 2013

Quiche Lorraine commission and dolls!

Dolls have been invading the 'Patch here and more are still coming! I haven't yet deboxed Kyori- 'Love the One' but I did debox 'To the Fair' Poppy Parker. She's lovely.

The whole 60's stewardess 'Pan-Am' vibe she has going on with her outfit rocks. Hated that TV show, but I loved the clothes! 

On another note, I have started work on a very large 1:6 scale French food commission for a fellow doll collector/diorama builder from Flicker & Ipernity. She saw some of my 1:6 scale foods and asked if I would create some items for a project she has in mind. Take a look at her Flicker Albums 

The first item of this order I did is the four individual Quiche Lorraines, which I did as tartlets. Here is my inspiration photo:

Now here is the actual pieces. I plated the tartlets on small white china plates for these pictures. 'Bon Appetit, Madam!'

The quiche Lorraines are made with parsley flakes on top for seasoning

'Merci, Gaston!' 

Gaston serves Agnes and Romaine at table, the perfect butler.

If you are interested in commissioning me to create miniature food for your diorama or dollhouse, please email me at  with pictures, or ideas. My prices are reasonable and I make sure with progress photos if what I create fits in with your vision of your scene, especially in 1:6 scale. 
~Bon Appetit!~Lisa

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Marta said...

Hello from Spain: congratulations on creating these foods. Desserts and very real. Great job. I also really like the doll hostess 'Pan-Am'. Keep in touch