Sunday, June 23, 2013

Spicey In Spain & Joyful in Japan Poppy Parker

My International Fair Poppies arrived on Thursday....and now it's Sunday, so I have just had a few days to release them from their boxes and take Rebecca of Inside the Fashion Doll Studio says of taking her fabulous photos of her dolls- ' the window!' so Joyful in Japan and Spicey in Spain had their photo shoot on my one of kind prototype Bespaq curio- in the window! I never knew until now how natural light can affect a picture of a doll so much! Thank you Rebecca!!

I missed out on Switzerland and the India Poppy, I wanted wanted wanted all four...what amazes me is people are now selling them!!?? Of all Integrity's dolls, I don't think I could part with Poppies ever again!! These dolls are just adorable, but I have to admit, Joyful in Japan is who I fell for first from the promo pics at the unveiling event. Now for the pics!

The clothing on these dolls is so detailed..and their expressions are so lovely. There is a thread on the W Club board about what it is about Poppy that appeals to us collectors, and I  have to say 1- the dolls are heartbreakingly lovely 2- they are deficient in what I call the regular 'bitch-y' (please excuse my description here, I do not mean to offend) quality some of the W Club dolls have in their face sculpts. Though I like some of the dolls to have that quality or expression- not all the time!! lol...Poppy is innocent looking and reminds me of a time from the 60's as well as the late 50's when the pouty look was in vogue. (I was born in 1965, so the fashions of Poppy are very nostalgic for me as a collector as I remember how my mother and grandmothers dressed back then. ) Poppy for me, reminds me of a time when ladies wore hats, gloves, matching hose and heels and evening wear was worn during the evening, not at the office during the day. Call me old fashioned, nothing very fashionable about stilettoes with a dress far too short worn at the office, or flip flops with a formal. Fashion now seems to be missing that 'special' quality. 
But enough of my fashion faux pas rants- these dolls are so very awesome! I am so in love with Joyful in Japan and I want to create an 1800's ensemble for her with that wondrous updo. First I will have to take some photos of her in the japanese tea ceremony, as well as with my Hinamatsuri Re-ment set, those photos need to be updated.
Spicey in Spain- her gown is so gorgeous! I can hardly believe the details on the purse as well as her hat- but the dress is amazing - the lace is even in scale!
I am still attempting to get my funds together for my W Club upgrade dolls- 'Love the One Kyori' and To the Fair Poppy - the W Club has robbed my wallet with dolls and preorders!! And I just finished placing my deposit for the W club Broadway Magic Jem! (I could not resist that stage!) 
Enjoy the photos- and expect to see more of Joyful in Japan!


Vanessa said...

Congrats on getting these two. I got Spain and Polynesia. I love them all. They are all lovely. These are my first Poppys so I am jumping up and down.

Cindi Mortensen said...

Beautiful dolls. Congrats on getting them! :-)

Lisa Neault said...

thank you! I am so in love with these dolls, I wish I had been able to snag switzerland or India, but have other w club dolls coming too!