Friday, June 28, 2013

'To the Fair' Poppy & 'Love the One' Kyori upgrade dolls

My upgrade membership dolls arrived today- and Poppy 'To the Fair' and 'Love the One' Kyori are gorgeous. I adore this stewardess outfit and thought hmmm, this Poppy looks like she stepped out of an episode of Pan Am (hate the show, loved the clothes ) so maybe she needs an airplane to work in! So started looking and trolling Ebay for one of those vintage airplanes - the ones I remember are from 1971-72 that folded up. That's when people sat at a table on the plane and had room to sit! lol...And I have already started watching auctions for the Country camper to add that to my collection since that was one of my favorite toys as a child. I even remember taking it with me when we went camping as a child- I loved taking it and my malibu barbie Ken, skipper and PJ to the beach. Mom hated lugging that thing since it took so much space! 

Here are some quick snaps of the two dolls since they just arrived today!

They are just incredible. I do not think Kyori will be leaving the town any time soon, she's quite lovely.
Another couple of dolls are expected to arrive soon as well.
I broke down and used my 2nd Barbie collector reward for the Texas male cheerleader because he has the Harley Ken body. I haven't yet bought the AA male home yet, hopefully I can find him on another website. 
On an unexpected note, on the W Club forum they run contests or a game, with a doll from past lines of previous years the prize. And I won for June! I have only ever lucked out one time a few years ago when I won Agnes Von Weiss in Concerto M- a convention doll that turned out to be my main diva who owns Barbietown, and the Manor! The doll I won is Aerodynamic Vanessa Perrin, with this cool gothic /chic looks to her makeup and stunning red hair pulled into a severe ponytail. Looking forward to seeing her when she arrives!


Vanessa said...

Congrats on your new dolls and on your win. All so exciting. Good luck finding your camper and airplane> I have that airplane and I prefer it to the new ones they have out

Lisa Neault said...

My only problem with the camper and airplane is lack of space- lol..I actually want to take a broken country camper and do an ice cream truck/concession truck to display some of my foods. The airplane- well that was something I never got as a kid and always wanted- the little girl down the street had that. I had the beach buggy and the country camper and could kick myself for letting mom get rid of them.