Friday, June 14, 2013

Downtown in pics

I have had a hectic week and it is rolling to an end, but still going to be hectic. I have had no doll time for the first two weeks in when Doll Divas decided to have a diorama theme - I decided to make time and took some new pics of Barbietown as it looks right here right now- today! 
What with the W club twisting my arm- yes, I tell you they reached thru the computer screen and forced me to order dolls! The nerve! and my wallet is screaming for mercy--I haven't really had time to even de-box my Out Sass Vanessa. I am hoping to warm up to her. I really like her more than I thought I would. When I de-box, I do not, do not like to be interrupted with catastrophies such as husband looking for his keys, or dinner that needs to be cooked, or phone calls, etc. Usually now when I debox I make sure I am at home by myself, lol. New Poppies should be shipping soon- Spicey IN Spain and Joyful in Japan should be joining me any day now- can hardly wait!
Ok, so onto the pics. I tidied up a bit!

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Cindi Mortensen said...

You've got quite a set-up there! Oh, if only I had more space...LOL :-)