Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Walmart.com online sale on Mini American girl dolls!

I don't often post on sales or deals I find, but I had to on this one. For a long time, I have wanted to buy at least three mini American Girl dolls- mini Molly, mini Kirsten and mini Nellie. However, prices at the Amerian Girl site were $24 + 4.95 shipping! That comes out to about almost $30 for one 6 inch doll! As I am basically thrifty and purchased some of these dolls on ebay, I searched there but the prices are just a few dollars lower. However, I found a great sale at Walmart online!

Here is the link to the mini dolls- click HERE  to go directly to the mini dolls available on walmart.com

They currently have mini Marie Grace, Mini Cecile, Mini Ivy, Mini Julie, and mini Caroline as well as Mini Emily. I purchased Kirsten from here but do not see her now. They start at $14.00!!!! I ended up paying 1.97 shipping plus tax which brought the total to $16.67 which is a much better deal than anything I have found. (Just to be fair, Amazon.com has deals on these dolls as well, however, the ones I wanted were not at the deal price- but with Amazon they run 16.31 and if you order $25 or more you get free shipping. So I would have eventually ordered from there, but they did not have the dolls I needed. )

I decided to write this post when I saw Vanessa's post on her American Girl store visit on her Blog and thought this would be pertinent as they are dolls, and there are deals on them. We all love dolls and sales and deals, right? lol.

Below is the doll I purchased- Mini Kirsten. All of the mini dolls come with a little book, telling their story.

Here is the Mini dolls  link on the AmericanGirl.com website if you would like to look at the characters offered.

Mini Kirsten is on her way, and I will take pictures when she arrives. I am waiting to get a little ahead before I order mini Molly, as she seems to be a little pricey right now.


Vanessa said...

How could you! LOL! That's wonderful. I will just take a quick peek. Thanks also for the link to my post.

Marta said...

Hello from Spain: I like the American Girl. In my country this doll collection is not for sale in stores. I saw Vanessa's blog in your country these dolls have a lot of clothes and accessories. I love these dolls. Congratulations on your purchase! Keep in touch

Lisa said...

You're welcome Vanessa! I was thinking that Addy and Cecile would be wonderful additions to some of your families, I am thinking of getting those two myself for a cousin and sister for Julian. They are adorable.
Marta, you may be able to order these from walmart.com as I did, I know they sell them on ebay, and there are some sellers who do overseas shipping, I have shopped for these on ebay buy it nows, my mini molly is coming from an ebay seller with a store.

Vanessa said...

Can you give me a link from your blog showing the AG dolls with your Barbies? I couldn't search on your blog,and there didn't seem to be a list of blog posts. Thanks.

Marta said...

Hello from Spain again: thanks for the information. The problem is that in my country's customs are stopping all U.S. packages and force us to pay a very high import taxes. Even greater than the price of the doll. The government of my country is trying to consume the product citizens of my country. A pity! keep in touch

Lisa said...

hI Vanessa, I must have put a pulldown menu link instead of the flat archive link last time I was fiddling with the layout. The blog post that shows the mini dolls with the Barbies & FR Girls is April 7th- Easter

I have fixed it so you can go back thru the blog and pick the links. This post shows Kit, Emily and Rebecca with the Fashion Royalty and the Silkstone dolls. They are bigger than Chelsea & Kelly but smaller than Skipper and chunkier than Tutti, if that helps. I like the different sizes of children because that is how real children are, and they look in age of about 9 or ten years old.
Marta, I am sorry, I know when I ship items on ebay postage even for first class international is thru the roof!